Seeing Green and cats in space

A room of green!

So guys. You might wonder what have I been up to well. Stuff and things.

Anyway, I got to play around in a green screen studio last month! Well, not play but I got to be part of the production for the SG50 thing for the Tamil song. YOU GUYS can play the video here. Lookit. It has subtitles so you can understand.

SG50 Tamil MTV – Heartbeat of the Nation (Thesathin Ithaya Thudipu) from Millenia Motion Pictures Pte Ltd on Vimeo.

Stuff, I learned.

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The Last

Standard Chartered Marathon Singaore

Sunday was my last run of the year. I took the 10 km Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore route. It was interesting and I passed by R2D2, C3P0 and some Star Wars characters running/walking for charity??

Anyway, I had to run fast because I had to go home by 10am.


Just so I could join the Gotham cosplay competition at Takashimaya when the registration started at around 12pm.

Yes. I ran in the morning, rushed home and went to my last cosplay competition of the year.

That was ridiculous BUT YEAHHH I DID IT.

And that’s why this post is short because, I freaking ran 10 km and then went to a cosplay competition.

Longer posts for next episode indeed!

Hotel Jen! Or in want of a bathtub

Hotel Jen!

Yesss. Hotel Jen at Orchard Gateway. I booked a staycation in their deluxe room because it was the ‘minimum’ room that had a freaking bathtub.


All I wanted was just a freaking bathtub since my previous staycation at another location did not have one even if they were in freaking Sentosa.

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Phoning it in

Charge batteries for the weekend, you might wanna take pics. #catfortune #catsofinstagram

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Ahhh… ok. Nanowrimo just finished and other stuff too. Anyway, phoning this in until my next post. What I plan to do too is:

– Create an underground map

I mean, yeah go ahead if you guys wanna do it because good grief, we don’t have underground maps here. If you live in Singapore, I guess it might not be so strange but did you guys realize we can actually go around without ever seeing light or rain in town?

Well, maybe that is stretching it but yeah. Come on Singapore Tourism Board, you can go sponsor me for stuff too of travels around Singapore.

I mean, I’ll probably do this map on and off while I’m going about.

OH HEY, the TGIO party for Nanowrimo is on 6 December. You’ll know more if you’re on the nanowrimo forums.