The board

It’s #tbt aka Throwback Thursday. So why not throwback to 2004?

Ok, I only knew cause it was stated in my pictures that this was 2004.

They were scanned from prints so you can still see scanlines back then and slightly weird contrast balances. It was probably an assignment for basic photo class during poly and instead, I took trip to my secondary school’s ECA (now called CCA) aka the military band.

Actually, they changed to concert band when I graduated so… no more military at the time I took these pictures.

I’ll probably get the film actually scanned properly and replace these whenever I find the originals.

That year was the first year for Bedok South Secondary School after they moved to the ‘new’ location of Jalan Langgar Bedok.

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Life is Strange

#lifeisstrange #lifestrange and I mean the game and not so ennui quotation. #instax #camera

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Life is Strange. And I mean Life is Strange the game. It’s a 5 episode game and right now at the time of the post only the first and second episode is out. 2 episodes and then I bought an Instax camera.

Alright, I wasn’t really influenced by the game to buy the camera but it was in my list of things I wanted to get for myself/work because I kept borrowing Instaxes from others. Life is Strange just merely made me go “Yes. I’m going to get this now”.

How is it so far? It’s freaking cinematic and the sound track makes it as if you’re in a movie as you play as Max Caulfield.

Basically, you can rewind time and since this is a Squeenix (Square Enix as others might call it) and Dontnod game, there’s nosebleeds and headaches and me going “NOOOoooo!”.

It’s a mystery we’re all trying to figure out and it’s just two episodes now. One episode can just last around a few hours or an afternoon so it’s really like watching an episode of some drama but with cinematic features and interactivity.

You might like the background music too because it’s what makes the whole thing complete.  

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