Driving Merlions

Merlion Edition

Yes, what you see here is a special edition Mini 4WD Merlion Edition – Singapore 50th Anniversary Tamiya car.

I got it from Stargek.

It’s an Avante base from what I built but with a Merlion rider and… You can see for yourself how the design is.

It’s… It’s pretty tacky. It’s one of the tackiest things I’ve ever built. I don’t know, maybe someone really likes this design?

Good for them but it’s not my style.

Still, it’s pretty unique.

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Seeing Green and cats in space

A room of green!

So guys. You might wonder what have I been up to well. Stuff and things.

Anyway, I got to play around in a green screen studio last month! Well, not play but I got to be part of the production for the SG50 thing for the Tamil song. YOU GUYS can play the video here. Lookit. It has subtitles so you can understand.

SG50 Tamil MTV – Heartbeat of the Nation (Thesathin Ithaya Thudipu) from Millenia Motion Pictures Pte Ltd on Vimeo.

Stuff, I learned.

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Watching Time

Of course a Baby G

The watch I am wearing now is because I actually won vouchers from blogging at the previous N.E.mation. Maybe a coincidence or maybe it’s luck or something. But the teams I’ve supported have gotten top positions.

Each time.


I wonder if future N.E.mation teams are reading this, hur hur.

Anyway, I was reading the new Apple watch thing and then learned about Milanese and somehow I was lead to Invicta Men’s gold watch I’m not linking it because when I did, it was stuck in my Amazon history/suggested list and really.

It may be one of the most expensive watches around but it was definitely one of the ugliest to me.

Sometimes I like guy watches cause they’re rugged and cool but they can be big but I am also so glad that watches for women aren’t that bad in terms of design. They can be elegant and some good brands just call it for ‘women’ when it is the exact same model type like for ‘men’s’ just that it shrunk a little.

With that said, I have no idea how people don’t wear watches. It’s good to know what time it is and really, sometimes phones might run out of battery.

I think you can guess what I mine because a) it has to be shock proof b) adventuuuuure c) IT HAS ANALOGUE AND DIGITAL.

So yeaah, what watch do you wear?

To those graduating design students


This post doesn’t apply to just design students who are just graduating. It applies to art students and those production/web/film/animation students. I’m from that ‘side’ so yeah this is for you. This is just my take and this is what I wanted to tell you guys. Not everything because they’ll be too much but just some bits.

Also this will be tips for those who are expecting to enroll in such art or design schools perhaps.

It’s design show season and I would like to congratulate those who survived.

Survived because when you started out your course, you might find your friends dropping out of school whether due to financial difficulties or realizing that this route is not for them. So yay for you hitting graduation because it wasn’t an easy route.

So by now you’d have a portfolio or artwork perhaps? PUT IT ONLINE.

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Really Random Encounters

Detecting metal?

We went to the national museum for the Total Defence 30th anniversary! There were so many cool things to do even before entering the museum.

Like playing with metal detectors and eating army rations or checking out their weaponry.

Unfortunately, by the time you read this, the special exhibition is oveeer.

OH AND BY THE WAY. I AM VERILY GLAD, my two teams in N.E.mation? THEY BOTH GOT INTO TOP THREE. The champion and the 1st runner up but that shall be a different post…

Anyway, Saturday really was random adventures day.

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Not Yet Fired Up!

Thow Kwang entrance!

It was a Walk With Us to Craft Initiatives: Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle workshop by the library’s Press Play programmes. Just so you know, this tour and info session was TOTALLY FREE.

When I saw this programme in the Golibrary booking system, I clicked add to cart because it was the freaking dragon kiln (one of 2? in Singapore) and it’s always been so far from me.

Hence, I had to go since I wanted to go there for quite a long while.

This is the first time I went on an EXCURSION with the library, they chartered a bus for us too. So exciting.

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A Beautiful Plan

Huh, this is the first State of Sarah report for the year. Well there you go. I have a plan. Oh and before I start on what this year will be, LIKE my page here: http://facebook.com/seriouslysarahSG

Because you guys want to know what’s happening in Singapore or want to go events? Well, just like that page. I don’t post ALL my activities here, that would just be silly and spammy.

Firstly, this Saturday I’m going to La Salle to hopefully see The Walking Dead stars at 11am and then I’ll have a snack or something and go for the Run for Your Lives Asia since mine starts at 4pm.

That’s just this weekend.

Note, this post is going to be Singlish-y.

What I am up to is also…

Love Kuching Project

Well, I do now and then get to help out at Love Kuching Project. I didn’t get Dawn from them though, Dawn just self-rescued herself by shoving herself inside the house.

Hanging around

Ok lor.

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