I want to be part of #NUFFNANGBLOGCON at Hotel Jen Tanglin

Nuffnang blog con

Guys, you can try win an invite to #nuffnangblogcon here. I’m writing this post to win an invite.

Why? Because in 2010, I went to their Nuffnang Blogger Symposium.

It had been super useful and I did get to see all the other bloggers even if I’m super quiet and discreet.

I’ll still probably super quiet and discreet if I were to the at the conference since there’ll probably be those super popular bloggers there anyway and what do I even say to anyone?

However, this conference sounds like it will be informative for me to learn more. Mind you, I’m not super popular because I am a niche blogger but attending these conferences and implementing stuff or just learning a little bit does help.

Trust me.

It totally helped.

From drama and hearsay or rumours of the bloggersphere, I’m totally no where near it but I want to know what the industry thinks about it since bla bla, everyone is more on social media or online so come on. I WISH TO KNOW what their thoughts are on this in a corporate way.

Anyway, Nuffnang, let me win an invite. I want to go.

10 things I’ve Done or Am Doing

OK. That was a mini hiatus of sorts?

Not sure who noticed but yeah. I’ve been doing things.

1) Love Kuching needs your help financially (transfer moolah to DBS current 027-905975-3)  if you can’t volunteer your services. You can know more from their website.

I did that mini vid for them and they’re my choice of cat charity to go to.

Escape from Reality!

2) THIS COMES OUT on 1 November at the Singapore Writers Festival! Escape from Reality! It’s an anthology of short stories of the fictional sort. The fantasy-ish kind. $20! After the official launch, you can get it ordered directly through us or the publisher. More details then.


It’s on 31st Oct, 6pm at the level 5 Possibility Room of the National Library. Our theme is ‘Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?’. RSVP here: http://nanowrimo.org/forums/asia-singapore/threads/251222



We’re going to Comic Fiesta! Yes. It’s in KL so if you wanna chope any of us to meet any of you guys, ‘book’ us early.


Last year had been fun so we’ll see how it is at the new location!

5) I’ve been on shoot for a mini series.


Hence why I haven’t updated in a bit. I’ll tell you more about the series when it is officially out on 27th November!

6) I’ll be at the library customer appreciation day on 6 November. I don’t know why I had to add that but in case you guys are there, you can say hello to me. The library people are always so nice.

7) You want to ever watch one of the telemovies I helped in? Here’s a trailer

Ambika English Trailer from Millenia Motion Pictures Pte Ltd on Vimeo.

Or watch the whole telemovie on Toggle here. I think it is only available for those in Singapore though. Darn you regional restrictions?

8) IT IS THE 10th run of N.E.mation! Soooooo I’ll BE BACK to support the teams! But why do the teams I support always get the top? Is it a correlation, a stroke of luck or what? HMMM? Tune in this year and we’ll see.

9) I’m doing the Spartan Race. Soooo I got to train (more).

10) I’m blogging here, aren’t I? SO WOOOH. OK. More posts ahead.

I Can’t See the Light

It’s hazy.

My take is that if you can see the air, wear a mask. Whatever, there will be people saying “No needlah” but whatever. That’s them. I’ll wear my mask, thank you very much because I can tell the difference with and without it.

Especially when I went for a shoot and oh my goodness. Yes. Whatever, maybe you’re good without it, cool. My asthmatic friends, just wear it okay?

I got my 3M V-flex mask from Guardian pharmacies but I did notice them being sold at Popular bookstores too.

And this is an upgrade from Vogmask. We have an online store selling to Singapore.

Verdict? It’s comfier than the 3M one and way more stylish. Still, if you want to get an even more cooling one, try the double vent one, I guess since it’s cotton (I haven’t tried it but I’m guessing since if this one is ok, that one should be even better).

I still have the 3M with me but with the Vogmask, I’m sure I won’t accidentally tear it or anything of that sort. Let’s face it. Until Indonesia gets things sorted out, the haze is going to be here for quite a bit.

With all this haze though, it means most of our activities are limited indoors. But ungghhhh. I can stay indoors. On the computer all the time but eh, sometimes one needs to just go out and run around.

SO HERE’S A LIST of indoor activities you can do that does not involve being stuck at home (besides lurking in shopping malls):

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