15 Fun Facts about Pasir Ris Library


The library in Pasir Ris just reopened on 28th November 2015!


I managed to get a preview before the opening and in a way, I got to have FIRST BUTT on the seats there as I look-see-ed the place.

Here’s some fun facts you might not know with this new reopening.

Fact 1: They’ve got this reservation collection ‘outside’ the main gates of the library so that you can collect your reservation any time the mall is open.

The little shelves will light up and you can collect your book from there.

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Fancy Cinema Thingums

Fancy tickets

Before the weekend hit, I had a little time to hit to the theatres after doing my work and quickly took the earliest time for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

I’m not going to spoil the movie but it really IS a good adaptation of the book.

What I go woah is that I just bought the ticket and didn’t know it was fancy. I thought it was just because it’s the premiering-early dates or something?

ANYWAY, I went to Shaw and it came in this reflective silver ticket. Plus a little $5 voucher thing to offset drinks or food.

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The Collider

The collider

The Arts Science Museum invited me to their press preview of the Collider! This exhibition is until January 5th if I’m right?

Anyway, there are other exhibits at the same time so you can check what ever is on then too.

Without spoilers, if you’re going to Collider, do get a guided tour because you won’t be able to get ‘everything’ by just reading it.

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Like Shia Says Just Do It

It's a shoe

It’s already November. Either you’ve done your year’s resolutions of keeping fit or well, not.

If you haven’t, you could try getting a head start on next year’s resolutions on trying to be fit.

Or it’s at the point in time where you can pre-present yourself shoes for Christmas to go oooh, wow since you’ve gotten shoes like Nike Free 5.0 (I’ve seen these in stores and they seem really nice), you might as well go run.

Run before Christmas, run before the holidays so you can be ready to eat all the things?

I guess, it’s the easiest thing to do though, just run around if you don’t know how to carry weights or other exercises.

We’ve got a lot of marathons in Singapore. For a country that’s pretty small, everyone seems to be wanting to run all over it.

Speaking of marathons, I don’t know how I did it last year. I did one run a month for 2014 and this year I chose only the obstacle courses.

It wasn’t that many runs this year but enough for me to go “What was I thinking?” last year because besides the whole running thing (which, I admittedly walked a lot in between sprints), the starting time is always super early and in some middle part of Singapore or even in Sentosa.

How the heck did I do it?

Well, I’ve got a Spartan Run left coming up soon, I really have no idea how I’ll do that one since it seems so tough according to the ads online. WILL I MAKE IT?

Probably yes, I freaking paid for a spot in the run.

I won’t want to give up in the race or even go “Meh, I’ll just sleep. Sleep is nicer”.

It really is kind of a thrill when you complete it. Kind of like “YESSS, I DID IT”.

The medals are really nice too, you can keep it or hang it somewhere. Ok so.

Would you guys go sign up for runs if they were cheaptastic and you get a nice goodie bag and medal to go with it BUT if it started early like heck?