Singapore to Malaysia Train Ride

A train!

In other words, CHOO CHOOO!! So I did get to Malaysia via train with tips from my friend Avarielle.

Of course I did read the Man from Seat 61 but Avarielle pretty much went to Malaysia often for stargazing via train that it was just easier to follow her tips for those in Singapore to get to the station and what to do there.

It all started when I went to Comic Fiesta last year and uh long story short, we got a calendar from Tony Roma’s Malaysia and that calendar has a coupon for each month. January was 15% off ribs.

I said to myself “Well, darn it. I want to use this coupon, what’s the closest TR in Malaysia from Singapore?”.

And then I googled and saw… Komtar JBCC.

And realized the TRAIN STATION was just across it.

Well, that was it. We’re going on a train ride.

This is how you take the train from Singapore to Malaysia, Johor.

Which station?

Firstly, get to Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

If you are getting on public transport (like me), drop at Marsiling MRT station, cross the road to take 856.

The bus stop

If you’re wondering if you’re at the right side of the bus stop, you can look up and see a sign. I mean really, that’s the sign for the train station.

The checkpoint!

A few stops later, there you are! You’re at the train checkpoint. Walk towards it.

Bus numbers

The other bus numbers that go to this particular stop.

If you’re coming by your own car, there’s a carpark (at the time of this post) at the Sheng Siong market/McDonald’s across the road in front this checkpoint.

Oh yes, you can buy tickets via Easybook or by buying it at the station itself.

WARNING: Holidays might have tickets selling out so buy online or pre-purchase it in case there’s none when you go to the station counter.

You can also buy online via KTM website but eh, a bit complicated.

The ticket station is just on the first floor of the checkpoint.

If you buy ONLINE, be sure to PRINT it. They don’t have digital scanning things, you need to print your ticket.

In the train

No photography inside the checkpoint but here’s what you do.

  1. If you got your ticket, go up to the second floor (please come at least thirty minutes before your train timing). Yes. That long queue of people sitting/standing in a crowd is the people going for the train.
  2. Queue up with your ticket, the conductor will be there to check your ticket while you’re in line.
  3. Just walk in towards with your passport ready into the checkpoint/train station once your train is ready to be boarded.

That’s it really, at the checkpoint, just get your passport stamped.

Since mine is a Singapore passport, firstly I had to do the biometric scan and then after that get mine stamped at the Malaysia side of customs, THEN put my bag in the bag scanner.

Past the bag scanner is the waiting area or if your train is there, just head on towards it! It’s fast because train station customs is just for train station passengers.

Oh yes, the train is free seating so don’t be wibbly and just get into an empty carriage and sit.

Look out!

The checkpoint took maybe at least fifteen minutes, more of the queue waiting and if you’re in the front, alright!

And then you just wait inside the train while everyone else is being checked in.

The actual train ride took less than five minutes, you can wave at the cars stuck on the causeway if you like but that’s mean.

A linkway!

And… that’s it.

Just get out of the train and you’re in Malaysia! No need to do your passport thing since you’ve done it at the Singapore side.

From the mall.

TADA!! See, that’s the train station. It’s got a linkway from the mall and huzzah. Convenient, no need to cross roads and all. This picture is from the mall side.

Half onion loaf

Here, have a picture of our onion half loaf. There’s lots of food in Komtar or City Square and as for Tony Roma’s, it can get crowded since it’s pretty popular but we managed to come just a bit after lunch time so yay for us.


Also, I bought an utterly Malaysian thing. Strawberry F&N. You see, in Singapore, we don’t have strawberry flavoured soda of F&N or Fanta.

It’s an exclusively Malaysian flavour or at least, it’s certainly not available in Singapore unless it’s imported.

Going home.

Anyway, ready to go back to Singapore? Check which gate it is and yeah, there’s a line for it too. Hold your paper ticket or actual ticket out since you have to hand it over to the conductor.

You’ll do a passport check from this station and bag check too since you’re going back to Singapore.

Remember, no raw food into Singapore!

And that’s it.

Take the train if you just want to head to Johor for a bit, it’s cheaper and faster than car or bus if you just want to get to the malls.

Next time, maybe we’ll take the train to Kuala Lumpur…


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3 thoughts on “Singapore to Malaysia Train Ride”

  1. Hi. I just have few questions. Did u have to take off from the train when u entered Malaysia for immigration and passport check? Is it really convenient to take train rather than the bus?

  2. Hi Katrina,

    No, because from SINGAPORE to Malaysia, before we get to our train, we already did the passport check.

    Now when you return, you passport check from JB side before you enter Singapore.

    Also, train is just 5 minutes if you want to reach Komtar side from there, you can take bus or taxi or whatever if you want to go further into Malaysia. Bus is you just sit all the way there and if got jam at checkpoint, then you have to wait as usual.

    Train’s passport check is only for train passengers so it’s fast, and that’s it! Just make sure you do buy your train tickets first if it’s a holiday or some special occasion (Hari Raya, CNY, Christmas) because people are trying to go back to their kampung and tickets get sold out.

  3. Nice to read and understand about your Malaysia trip from train. I liked it very much way you have explained it here. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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