What you missed

In the words of Twitter, here’s what you missed.

Spin it!

YEAH!!! Congratulations to both my teams for making it to the top 10, Duck Vaders and Spatium.

Spatium got the 2nd Runner Up this year!

Hmmmmmm. Is it me or no matter if I pick or teams pick me to be their ambassador… at least one will be in the top 3? HMMMM.

Thanks to all those who voted for them too. Yay!

Chef Sasaki!

I got to visit my friend for a Chinese New Year meetup of sorts. And got to taste the elusive Chef Sasaki’s cookies. But if you missed it, it’s the year of the monkey!

Why Pokemon didn’t give out their ‘fire monkey’ this year, I don’t know why but they could have done that.

Fake articles

I can’t show you the set yet because it looks awesome so have a fake article by me a few years ago.

It’s 2016 and I can’t get over Anatolia. I miss their salads and lahmachun.

Keep a look out for this series called SETTAI in April on Vasantham.


Went to the Esplanade to shoot for a performance, there’s more coming up which you can check here if you want to watch various dances.

Jin jja!! Chicken

I ate Jin Jja!! Chicken at this place on that street where Bugis Village is. It’s a Korean fast food restaurant and the chicken cutlet’s actually pretty good and crispy!

On that day, I watched Zootopia too and it’s an animated movie about racism and what it does.

Also, lots of burns to Frozen in that movie too (PUN).

Oh whale.

I walked along Citylink and those tunnels towards Esplanade too.

Fun fact: If you think when you’re walking a longer route compared to when you walk topside, chances are you are correct!

They tunnels reroute around the memorial cemetery and that’s not open to public.

I wonder how it looks like.


Then went off to a Geocache meet up on 29 Feb!

The first cache I found and on a special date too. Now, just to find the other caches…


Each of these things have their own separate posts but here’s really a tl;dr version of it all.

There’s also upcoming Visual Novel interview, UAG Case review, the movies I watched, an indoor prawning place and much more.

But hey, this is my blog so HAH, I WILL WRITE IT AND JUST POST.

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