SDS 4.1 – Tubthumping

It’s a new season of Sarah Does Singapore! If you don’t know this series, it’s me going about Singapore and having adventures.

Well, it’s a new year and all, so it’s BACK! If you wonder what’s up with the titles for the posts in this series, it’s songs… for a Playlist. This song if you want to know for this episode.

AND I went to Grapple Max Dojo for a trial session! (You can check their facebook here too.)

This was @grapplemax! You get to learn pro wrestling techniques.

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They have single sessions where you can just pay for one session, a package deal (check their website to know more) and a package deal where if you have a buddy it’s cheaper.

Or if you check out their facebook, there might be special promos.

YES. You actually do pro wrestling moves!

What did I learn in just one session? I learned the basics of how to fall, and make a little ‘combo’ with what I learned. My instructor was Dennis aka the Ladykiller while on the other side with people who had trained for much longer were training under Nic aka NYC.

ANYWAY, that’s it for my ‘serious’ facts. Let’s get to it.


IT WAS SO THRILLING I was like ahhhh. I can do forward rolls but I can’t really do backward rolls yet. Also, the people there were nice and yes, at some sessions there would be ladies there too.

If I was going for another single session, I’d go for Friday since I have my own training on Tuesday and Thursdays and woaaah. It’s such a work out.

The super fun thing is in a practice, I get to pretend to take down a big guy (THANKS DUDE! I know I’m a newbie) with the rolls I learned, a wrist lock and then a take down.

I’m totally mixing up all the names of the moves because I’d need practice on that.

But yes.

I AM SO GLAD I have my own training for my own fitness and adventures so that I have my own stamina to keep up but it’s for anyone who’s interested to learn pro wrestling. If I had more time or money, maybe I could even train more and go for a debut match?? That would totally be like Banting then.

Pro wrestling is like athletics of dancing but with a lot more falling and expressions of drama.

Maybe that’s why I like it.

If you guys are interested to try out, go message them on facebook or their website. If you don’t try, you don’t know!

Don’t be scared, they will take care of you and check if you’re doing a proper form for your basics and everything first.

Ps. Of course, like all physical activities, please check your health this doesn’t include just for pro wrestling, it includes for regular things like running, yoga, crossfit etc. ALWAYS keep safe.

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