Buy Alienware Dell ?

You might be searching for alienware dell support or alienware dell help. Or even alienware dell singapore support or alienware dell singapore help.

This is page is not help.

And even if it was, you’re still not going to get help.

This is not my computer, but it’s my pal Pris. She bought an Alienware Dell PC including additional warranty and all she got was crap.

TL;DR if you wan to skim through:

Alienware Dell support is nonexistent in Singapore. She bought warranty. All she got was frustration as tech support bounced her around. They’re using outsourced tech support people and even they are frustrated at the parts Dell gave them. Refurbished motherboards that do not work. And she had to go through all social media channels to get help because their official lines didn’t.

The ‘tech support’ want to do it during office hours when she’s at work and that’s stupid. She managed to get it ‘post 6pm’ after complaining so much but the computer still doesn’t work since they didn’t go through it properly. As of now, her computer is still NOT working. Do not buy Alienware Dell. If you can help Pris get a new computer, even better. Please help. Alienware isn’t.

AND NOW FOR THE STORY because you all like drama.

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Odex Film Fest!

It ends on the 26th which is this weekend. Mostly, it’s a Golden Village thing but there’s an event at City Square Mall where if you get free Odex Film Fest Goodie Bag with a minimum spending of $50 in a single receipt (or $100 if NTUC receipt) at the L2 Customer Service Counter.

But from what I saw, people were redeeming their goodie bags instead at the Atrium so do looksee where to go.

There’s this one station for you to check out Sword Art Online on the ps4 but I’m sure it’ll be crowded during the weekend.

Here’s the wefie booth for the Odex cosplay wefie competition. More details on their facebook post because it’s kind of complicated on how to submit.

You can pose with these posters if you want too. But mainly that’s for publicity.

And Chopper!

You know, I actually had a facebook reminder that I was posing with Chopper, 4 years ago at J-Obsession at the Cathay. I wonder if this is the same Chopper.

And here’s the stage!

It’s not too big and the tournaments and games will be happening around it. So try to come early and get a good spot cause it’s not that large of an area.

To those who managed to get the tickets for the film fest, yay you guys!

Ps. If you come to City Square. I recommend the beef noodles on the top floor. They’re really good.

Who made it?

It was the prize presentation for N.E.mation!11 yesterday and finally the conclusion to this round!

By the way that was the OneHeartBeat Percussions who warmed the audience up with their music and clapping participation.

Cause ya know, percussion, rhythms and one heart beat and all that.

It was fun clapping along.

A speech by the minister Dr Janil Puthucheary about total defense and then it’s time for a run for all the videos once more and come on, we all just wanted to know who WILL WIN.

It came up to Cedar vs Cedar… AND Team MADEit made it!!

And that’s it for this year. Loot and prizes for everyone! Who won!

And then it’s interviews and everyone congratulating the teams cause it’s really their day to finally relax without the suspense of knowing who would win.

Aaaand finally mingling time! Ok this is the best/worst time to try find the teams because everyone is congratulating them or just being interviewed by the news.

Anyway, to all the teams I wanna congratulate you guys for making top ten and enjoy all the loot you guys won.


It’s a circle? Walk and Eat

I walk a lot but in general, a random day out would happen vaguely like this. Mind you, it’s a lot of walking, eating and exploring.

I got to 76 Serangoon Road via the train and a bit of walking from Little India station to get to Komala Vilas!

It’s my favourite restaurant and heck, prime ministers have dined here too.

Here, I ordered pongal and teh tarik. If we’re doing the whole “food blogger” thing, the whole set cost me just $5.

If we’re not doing the whole “food blogger”… flogger? thing, AHHHHH pongal.

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Unchained in Changi!!

It was empty on the roads on evening of the 27th of January since a lot of people were at home or somewhere having their reunion dinners.

Meanwhile, I was watching a Singapore Pro Wrestling event: UNCHAINED IN CHANGI!!

Don’t be scared if you ever get an invite to go to one, the audience are civilized.

Noisy but civilized and it is just so much FUN.

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