It starts from a Spark

I was invited to the sneak preview of episode 6 of the DBS Sparks series.

Episode 6 will officially premiere on the 17th March, noon on their channel.

I watched it and it is quite touching, as it has to do with education and the cultural sensitivities in villages where girls aren’t able to study. I can’t say more without spoiling so perhaps you can just watch it yourself!

The whole series is actually based on real life events that the bankers actually go through.

You might think it’s fictional, but it’s not! Episode 6 is especially influenced by one of the Social Media Enterprises that they have supported, like Zaya.

The panel was about Digital Disruption for Impact and was hosted by Ms Karen Ngui, managing director and head of group strategic marketing and communications of DBS. The panelists were Neil D’Souza (Founder of Zaya Learning Labs), Dr. Alex Lin (Head of SGInnovate, DBS BusinessClass Advisor), Gillian Tee (Co-founder, Homage) and David Pong (Co-founder, WateROAM).


I actually learned a lot from the panel. For one thing, DBS has initiatives to help these social enterprises. Social enterprises are not charity but they DO, do good. They are also enterprises so that they can have a sustainable environment. It’s like, you want to do good but you don’t want to depend on charity all the time because you want it to be a self sufficient cycle of sorts so that you can continue to do good.

Now, what DBS has done is to help fund these social enterprises and then get them on their way. If you watch episode 6, heh, you’ll see what I mean, it’s easier to watch and understand sometimes.

Anyway I got a nice snack box from them so I can watch the previous episodes too. Come watch the DBS Sparks series, it’s pretty well produced too.

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