Surprise! It’s Lazada’s 3rd Birthday!

It’s going to be Lazada’s third birthday and THAT means discounts galore from 21st March 2017 to 23 March 2017.

With that, I got a Logitech X Lazada surprise box from them!

What’s a surprise box? Well, for their third birthday, Lazada will be having specially curated boxes for sale in addition to their over 300 flash deals.

It’s like those Japanese lucky bags, where you will receive a few items that is worth more than what you pay for.

All you have to do is pick a brand (there are MANY like Laneige, Razer, Sandisk, 3m, Sennheiser etc) and purchase it during their birthday.

All Surprise boxes are worth a minimum of $100, but sold at $29 nett on 21st Mar. In addition to these amazing Surprise boxes, Lazada will be having crazy deals – up to 90% off and 300+ flash deals over the course of 3 days.

You won’t know what you get!

So what did I get in my Logitech surprise box? HMMM. Give you a hint if you choose a Logitech box.

AWWW YESSS a Daedalus Prime G302 mouse!! This is pretty smooth and very good for when I play Overwatch.

There’s also two other items but I’m gonna focus on this mouse pad that goes along with my mouse.

It really makes a difference between a gaming mouse pad and a normal one. You WILL know the difference when you’re playing and trying to shoot in FPS.

Like most gaming mouse(s… mice?), it is super bling. LOOK AT IT GLOW.

Of course if you install the software for it you can programme the dpi settings and I usually like to use the side button as punch.

Darn it if I got some items like this in a Logitech surprise box, I wonder what the other items in other brands are too? ARGH, I might get another one for myself too once it is officially available on the 21st.

You guys can use my link to purchase it. 

OH AND GET 18% off (capped at $8) for new customers, use my code: WOWSARAH18 

I know right? Wow.

Ps. Have a bonus Dawn in a Lazada surprise box. She likes it too. LazaDawn.


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