Surprise Boxes for Lazada’s Great Singapore Sale!

It’s that TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! And Lazada sent me a Gaming Box curated by Leapfrog Distribution.

Want a preview of what you might get?

Cause from 6 June to 8 June, Lazada’s having their GSS Surprise Box and they contain items worth a minimum of $100 and will be sold at $29 nett.

AND they’re having sales up to 90% off and flash deals every 2 hours.

I AM TELLING YOU THIS NOW because I MISSED the previous Lazada‘s birthday special with their surprise boxes and it was so gooood. Don’t you guys miss out this one.

Brands participating for the GSS are Laneige, Neutrogena, Garner, Adidas Box by Fossil Group, Logitech,Sennheiser, Mabelline, Jabra and much more!


This is what I received and when I opened it, I went all “What!!!!!”.

This is all expensive stuff and if you or if have a gamer friend, this stuff will be useful because these items are what you use to replace your current ‘gear’.

The things that WILL run out after large usage.

Not going to show you everything but this box is definitely more than $29.

Elysium’s Fideliio headphones. Somehow our headphones die a lot when we play games, I don’t know why but this gaming box will set you up with another.

Such an indulgence, it’s a game glove!

And a power bank. Everyone always needs one these days if you have a smart phone.


Use my link if you’re buying anything from Lazada here.

OOOH and don’t forget, if you’re a new user, try out my code for a discount: GSSSARAH18 you get 18% off, capped at $8 for new customers, and can be applied storewide, including the Surprise Boxes! So if you’re new, use iiiit.

OH!! And an EXTRA surprise for you. Those who buy the surprise boxes from 6th to 8th June and  if  you do an unboxing video, publish it on their social media like instagram and and include the hashtag #lazadasurprises , you might be chosen to win attractive prizes from Lazada themselves!

Ok maybe this time I won’t forget when the promo is all around to remind me! It’s everywheeeere.


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