Making cheese at Citizen Farm!

On an early Saturday morning I ventured all the way to 60 Jalan Penjara to visit the Citizen Farm. (Facebook is at Citizen Farm in case you want updates from them!)

There’s no penjara (jail) that I know of, just a nice edible garden farm of sorts.

My main reason was to attend the cheese making workshop by Annisa of Milky Whey Cheese who came all the way from Kuala Lumpur! (You can check out her instagram too at @milkywheycheese.)

Also that’s a chicken who was eating the mint on the other side before one of the Citizen Farm people shooed it away since his food was already in a tray.

Ohhhh my goodness. I learned how to make mozzarella cheese. The “instant” kind (aka took at least an hour) while Annisa brought some curds she had made in KL where it would take maybe 6-12 hours I think?? Anyway, since we only had 3 hours of the workshop, ours was a ‘fast mozzarella’ type.

We learned the basics of what type of milk is needed, the pH of the milk to be good cheese and to not burn the milk.

It is like magic… pour things and make sure everything is according to the recipe and you get cheese!

And then time to split it into 4 because we were doing it 4 per table, heh heh heh.

Anyway, onwards to Annisa showing us what were the next steps to do and it was tempering the cheese in hot water.

Stretchyyyyyyyy mozzarella!

By stretching it she then shaped it into little balls.

And then we got to taste it! That’s Sam of Citizen Farm cutting some basil and some micro greens to go with the cheese.

Oh my goodness. It was just fresh cheese, basil and olive oil on it.

I took a bit of the microgreens too and it is so good? FYI, you can buy the herbs/greens from Citizen Farm too if you check their website.

Not to forget besides the mozzarella, we made ricotta from the whey water of our milk. I didn’t know ricotta could be made like that!

And then a tasting of the cheeses of Milky Whey Cheese!

My fav of the lot is the Sarawak which looks like a ball and tastes very peppery and the Melaka, a more milder tasting cheese.

I enjoyed it and I even got a goodie bag at the end of it all so yessss. Maybe I’ll make some cheese? We’ll see.

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