Comic Fiesta 2018 and tips for 2019

Comic Fiesta 2018 was held at Suria KLCC (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) from 22 to 23 December. That meant we headed our way to the convention on Friday morning using Aeroline! It takes around 5 or 6 hours from Singapore but it’s so convenient since it drops us at Corus hotel which is just a short walk to our own chosen hotel above Suria KLCC.

Knowing people who keep saying they want to go to comic fiesta and then getting all surprised that wow, it’s big or crowded, well.


By the way if you do take Aeroline, you will get food on board (you can’t pick what), a bottle of water and a hot drink (cocoa/tea/coffee). The only ‘downside’ is that this a very popular company and if you see the dates for CF is out and if the bookings for the bus is out, just go BOOK.

Either you suck it up and book a flight, drive to KL or get a ticket from the various buses that go to KL.

If Comic Fiesta is at KLCC again in 2019, BOOK an aeroline bus IMMEDIATELY.

Eventually we arrived in KL and yay, here’s your typical Petronas twin tower shot. So chill, so chill.


Go to the supermarket and buy water (if your hotel doesn’t give you complimentary ones), snacks, instant noodles and sweets for breakfast the following day if you have no breakfast included in your stay. Also please up your supplies, you need it when you’re in the convention hall.

We sprung for early bird tickets and you get to go in 30 minutes before opening. This is super essential on Saturday as you charge in.

At this point of post, for those who don’t want to read, I have prepared a video for you. General thoughts of CF 2018: Yay, wooo, excites. I like.


Hello friends. This is us on day 2 as we managed to get up front for the count down before it officially opens.

Are you prepared for this level of crowdedness?

You better be if you’re going with regular tickets because it’ll be even more people.

This year’s stuff had Bumblebee and Alita Battle Angel as some official movie booths including Escape room. That’s nice but I just posted this year because Bumblebee is cool, okay?

Also subarashi to the staff of Comic Fiesta for inviting Honda-san.


Go and like the CF Facebook page here:

They have the updates of ANYTHING posted there quickly including guests and panels. With that said, after liking the page do check them out now and then. They give instructions and maps for the actual booths.

Check facebook, twitter and instagram for promotional items from artists themselves. By the way that was step 2.

Step 3 is having an attack plan. Print out your own map and highlight or draw where you want to buy your merch.

Don’t be a noob and think it’s going to be easy.

There is a crowd in the front for you to get past, the premium booths, the cosplayer booths, the shops and THEN the basic booths on another side of the hall.

Also you need to understand once it is sold out. It is sold out on Saturday at times.

This is not a time of wibbling.

This is the time to just throw your monies to the booth owners if you like it.


HOT TIP. GET SMALL CHANGE. If you know the general price of the stuff you want to buy, portion it out and then also bring a HECK LOAD OF EXTRA MONIES because the quality of CF is just woah since you have artists from around the SEA region.


Day 1 loot and then I got back to the hotel to just dump some stuff, buy lunch and go back after that for more shopping.


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This Akali mask was so popular that it ran out on day 1 afternoon (click the arrow to see how it looks like in the dark).

You’ve got your shopping more or less sorted.

How about the panels and shows?

Depending on popularity, you better queue up at least 30 minutes if it is a panel in a small room, for stage shows you might have more luck in just going there.

For the ‘finale’ concerts well, you have to just scram and see if you can fit in.

I didn’t go to the concerts since it’s not in my agenda.



Every year you’ll have people with no vigilance going lallalala with their bags unzipped. This is SPARTA COMIC FIESTA.

There will be thieves, there will be douchecanoes and there will be lost people.

Listen to the announcements and lol but try not to be one of them.

Also since you’re at KLCC, you can check out the Kinokuniya. They have discounts too during CF.

A now favourite of mine is going to Din’s since it is the Halal version of Din Tai Fung.

If you want to listen to us, ignore all other flavours of XLB except for the crab and chicken one and original. The rest are not worth our calories. The noodles are yesssssss and the tea is deliciousssss.

I ate Fuel Shack burgers for every lunch on those days I was at CF because it is SO GOOD.

The heck, why is it juicy and the patties taste like it is individually handmade with a special blend?

Ok you might be wondering what has this got to do with CF but Kenny Rogers gets absurdly packed during the CF weekend that the best time is to buy on the day before or after it. Also, Singapore has no Halal KR and from what Iearned, we don’t get the sweet muffins too.

LASTLY, oh yeah.

We booked Traders’ hotel.

NYAHAHAHAHHA. If you can afford it or book waaaay early, this is the best hotel since it’s just upstairs from the convention halls, so easy to dump your shopping and get out again. Also since we checked out near Christmas, they gave us a nice gift of chocolates.

Anyway here’s a checklist for you to survive Comic Fiesta:


  • Book transport
  • Book accommodations
  • Change money to ringgits
  • Like CF facebook and stalk their announcements
  • Print out a map of your own shopping
  • Change more money to ringgits as you realize you need to buy more things
  • Charge batteries and pack your bag
  • Get yourself to CF
  • Buy snacks/water to survive the crowd in CF hall or to bless the artists with some sweets as they are stuck there
  • Keep vigilant of pick pockets
  • Avoid douches (you’ll know who they are because they will be obvious… every year)
  • Buy your stuff according to your map
  • Queue up to panels or stage shows before it starts
  • Enjoy CF
  • Eat lunch/dinner
  • Go home

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