Captain Marvel Fan Event in Singapore!

Ok guys, you can read all the other geek sites to know how the stars Brie Larson, Gemma Chan and Samuel L Jackson fared in Singapore during the fan event. This is your aftermath post because we really want to say that wow, IT WAS GOOD.

Firstly I just want to thank the organizing staff (both Disney & MBS and whoever the ‘official’ people are), the volunteers, the security and crew because woah. It really IS good?

NOT TO FORGET THE HOSTS NIKKI MULLER AND BOBBY TONELLI. Oh mein Gott, thank you for them being the hosts.

Ok, with that said, there are minor details that can be improved on but since people do ask me what happens at these fan events, let’s do a recap for everyone.

10 FEBRUARY 2019

I actually queued at around 6.30am on 10 February 2019. The website said Hall F and that was pretty easy to navigate to.

What I found that was delightful was it was a fully indoor queue and there were lines ready on a nice carpeted floor.

Before you even get in line the volunteers (what time did they wake up?!) ask if you have an MBS or sistic account first because you need it for registration.

Actual time of release for tickets was 10am so I had hours to wait. With this configuration people could go to the toilet (it was VERY nearby) or buy a snack and get back in, pretty much everyone was very civil to each other.

Near 10am we were asked to stand and move up.

Also a little exercise and it was like a mini Great Singapore Workout but it was needed since everyone was sitting for a long while.

TIP: Bring your own tiny foldable stool next time.

Near 10am we were ushered into a waiting hall!!

It reminded me of actual comic convention queuing so this was good?! It really means that whoever organized this had rethought the system since the previous fan events which… ok.

If you ever asked anyone about the previous ones they all have that slight “I was there… in the nerd wars” kind of distant look. Not to mention the horrible blue carpet debacle



So at 10am we did have a little countdown and we all cheered and the volunteers let us in batches to the tables.

The tables there are all computerized with sistic stuff so if you had your NRIC or passport or MBS card they just scanned and out popped out a ticket and THAT IS IT!!!



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You’ll have this same pic in the #captainmarvelfanevent since we all stood in front of the exit holding out our tickets.

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Everyone did this as we got our ticket.

Also a tiny shop? I recognized the items from the Art Science Museum’s exhibition on the Avengers last year.

Darn it there was no Captain Marvel jersey in the merch yet.

But it was good since fans could just buy them if they wanted, just a bonus thing.

I was out by 10.20am.

Comments for this system?

The only downside is if people were out of Singapore, they couldn’t do it. But then there was another ‘last tickets’ release on the 14th too for those who couldn’t make it on the 10th.

The only thing I can think of is just the number of tickets if maybe we knew how much was left or allocated then maybe we could tell our friends if they had a chance to queue even if it was way past morning on the same day?

Or if there’s also an announcement before the 14th about the ‘last tickets’ so that some people won’t be disappointed and give up before the actual day.

Still, this was pretty good??? So soothing…

14 February 2019


So many skipped school or even took half day off from work.

There was a queue again like the 10th but this time we were led straight inside to wait if you had a ticket.

If you didn’t, you waited outside the carpeted area to get one.

Doors open at 5pm and I reached there around 3pm heh heh heh. Ok, with the layout like this as we waited inside, there was also a toilet available for people who were queuing and a lot of space to stretch your legs.


There’s a security check. I didn’t know that foldable umbrellas weren’t allowed (I only knew about the food thing).

But the good thing was that there was a CLOAKROOM and the security staff quickly let me do that instead of being clueless and make me throw my umbrella cause heck that. Mine is a $49 umbrella and I ain’t disposing of that.


Thank you for the cloakroom!

Oh and maybe put a ‘what’s not allowed’ in the facebook and page itself? In really big poster type infographic? It was difficult to find the page itself actually to find out until the day itself when I was told by my friends about no food/drinks. That’s it…

ALSO THIS IS NOT UPON SECURITY but about kancheong people.

At the security check there were people who were running which is mostly because some of them they did queue overnight and were ‘scared’ of losing their place just because since you had to go walk to the actual door after it.

This one… sigh. I guess the only way to prevent the running is to release in actual batches and not ‘one by one’ due to the speed of the checks.

This is the only way to stop people from running. The downside is the ‘speed’ of releasing people but yeah. Something to think about.


I got a free Captain Marvel pin badge!


I’m going to put it on my itabag but yeah, this was great. Thanks Disney/Marvel for bringing this in for us!


I have to admit, this was gorgeous.

Also, if you went to the event, the Ms Marvels were us because Ms Marvel fangirls Captain Marvel in the comics so it’s fitting ok?

This was the stage.


This is from my friends and me.

Thanks for the water since we couldn’t bring any in but um… there was water dispensers and cups but… no trash bin?

We kept them in our bags/pockets since we didn’t want to litter but yeaaaah. It was a little odd…

Also we do know the whole space theme but just in case (ahem, ahem are you preparing for End Game?) can you have the place lit up for fans jussst a tiny bit more? It’s difficult for some with visual issues.


This part though, some of us were concerned because that’s waaaay too much smoke and fire going on.

I trust the safety crew and expertise of the management though it can be a bit worrying while dramatic (I LIKE THE FWOOSH FWOOOSHHH but even I can feel the heat of the fire from the pyrotechnics… IN AN ENCLOSED HALL??).

Nehmind, this one is management thing so I’m sure they have their own safety standards because there’s waaaaay too many people in there if evacuation was needed.

OH and this year’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) thingy was AWWA.

I hate, HATED the previous few years’ CSR thing by MBS because they made a spectacle of the kids or people they were trying to help.


And that made all the difference.

The beneficiaries had their own ‘segment’ along the red blue and gold carpet and weren’t put on a spotlight like woah. They had space and looked comfortable?

Plus, AWWA had a video screened before their ‘appearance’ to get on stage and IT WAS SUCH A GOOD VIDEO. I can’t find it on youtube though I think I saw it on International Women’s day in the cinemas or somewhere too.

If you guys have a link to the video, comment me.

HAHAH THIS IS WHY I SAID it might be worrying if you guys didn’t have the safety issue of the smoke and fire in control.


Hi, a fangirl moment. BRIE LARSON SAW US MS MARVELs NEAR THE ‘END’ SEGMENT AND MADE HEARTSHAPES AND BLEW KISSES TOWARDS STAGE RIGHT. That was why she was facing there if you were wondering what she was doing.

AND SHE WAS DELIGHTED TO ACTUALLY SEE MS MARVELS and we did know earlier at the press conference she said she wanted to see Ms Marvel meet up with Captain Marvel.


Oh right, back to the event. OK. THERE IS STILL SOME “BUGS” to fix at the carpet area.

For one thing, the press/media should get both sides to themselves instead of it being ‘broken’ up on the sides by fans too.

Something like that. Cause as fans it was kinda sad they didn’t get to see the ‘opposite’ side.

Anyway this is a planning thing and their scheduling too.

Um, please give us fans more time or press/media specific timing along the carpet too and assistants for the stars to move on or point at fans?

This is kinda indulgent but yeah.

Also because we noticed this was a better format at another fan event, particularly the Huntsman at Sentosa, their ‘timing’ was such press/media had their location. It was done with and THEN fans all the way.



It’s great that this segment is not a ‘buyable’ location like that time which we do not want to speak of any more but won by contests instead.

However, it would be an improvement if it is a “2 man deep” or at most 3 man deep line up along the carpet for the best experience.

Once again, indulgent but really, if there’s a next time I hope they can consider this.


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Good night. Also cannot lah, cannot. Have to make her outfit for Singapore comic con. #captainmarvelfanevent

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Overall, it was a great experience and HUARGHH.


I can’t.

I have to get a Captain Marvel (the one with the mohawk) outfit for the comic conventions in Singapore. IT MUST BE DONE.

And to those who queued and went to the event, this song is for you.

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