Just some reading

A book called Traitor's kiss by Erin Beaty

The objective is to chill.

Well, a balance of ‘chilling’ and work. I have returned to reading my books at a pace where I can do it while things render.

I probably could try knitting too but reading at least gives me some imagination budget too for my own stuff.

Anyway Traitor’s Kiss by Erin Beaty is exciting, lots of misunderstandings, espionage and observation. In all, I enjoyed it. It reminds me of young adult fantasy books by Tamora Pierce and I do like those kinds of books.

Instant ramen

In the midst of chilling, well.

Because of Hari Raya some shops in the neighbourhood was closed during the work week so I went to the supermarket and bought instant noodles.

The Nissin Kyushu Black ramen noodles really DID taste as if they were actual ramen at a restaurant. I added the ‘instant’ egg and bought a can of Ayam Brand mackerel and some wasabi seaweed snacks.

I could do without the instant egg because it was kind of sweet. Maybe I could add 7-11’s hanjuku eggs instead.

Anywho, surprisingly the mackerel tasted fatty and rich even though it was canned?! I usually eat the tuna or even sardine. I didn’t know the mackerel would taste so good!

In all my ‘set’ meal tasted great in this combination.

I might try make more of this instant noodle but make it fancy kind of lunch.

Spider-man cosplayers at the mall

Over the weekend I went or sword class and then to Nex cause I needed to collect a book from the library since I reserved it.

These are just random Spider-men for the promo of the upcoming Spider-man movie. Just like HMMM, do I know them?

I don’t know.

Traitor's Ruin by Erin Beaty taken out of a library's reserve box

This really is a post about nothing.

Just the calm chillness of it.

So yeah. I paid $1.55 to just reserve a book because it’s cheaper than buying a book and the other copies of book two in the trilogy were either on loan or at libraries far away from me that a bus ride would totally be more than $1.55.

Consider it well spent and I FINISHED THE BOOK ON SUNDAY when I got it on Saturday.


It’s so exciting and there’s swordplay and swooshing and ANGST and now I got to wait for July for the third book.


Anyway, that’s the weekend. This is really just to get back into the groove of writing things. How are you guys doing?

Oh and have Dawn rubbing on shoes since you’ve read this far.


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