Under Armour Sports Mask Comparison

Under armour sports mask with Featherweight mask

What’s the comparison between the version 1 Under Armour Sports Mask and their new version 2 Under Armour Sports Mask FEATHERWEIGHT?

There’s a few difference and my TL;DR advice to you is just get the Featherweight version. Read on more to see my comparison.

back of packages

Disregarding that I bought different sizes, my actual size is M/L. Also, the abundant watermarks is so shops won’t use my pictures to sell it if they’re not from a reputable seller.

Get your masks from Under Armour’s website direct or online shops with a high rated/review for masks. They will come sealed in the pack. Masks are not repackaged.

Anyway, both masks comes with ‘iso chill’ and are 3 layers, they difference is that they have made the design different.

Comparison of masks

The featherweight is cheaper than the first version and it is less ‘cushiony. Version 1 sports mask comes with a little bag. Featherweight just comes as it is in the package and both have an instructional booklet on how to wash it.

Just rinse and air dry them.

Both fortunately have the ‘lycra’ ear hoops so it feels less straining on the ears. Version 1 sports mask has a really obvious Under Armour logo on the front facing mask itself while the featherweight has the mask on the side at the ear loop.

It gives a more sleek design.

The inside of the masks

Here is the main difference. Both have a ‘shell’ so when you are doing your activities, if you have the correct size, you will not be huffing in the material of the mask and there’s a small ‘pocket’ not covering your lips.

In the first version, your sweat might be absorbed near the cheeks part because it’s very cushiony.

In the featherweight, less of that happening since there’s less cushioning against your cheeks.

Both versions are good but if you are faced with these 2 models, just get the new version, it feels much lighter, looks sleeker and is so much cheaper than the first version. It just doesn’t have an extra fabric bag but you can get your own mask cover/bag yourself.

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