Disappointment at workplaces

Is it the norm in your workplace to be disappointed? For example, there are so many articles about uplifting people or being disappointed about not getting a raise or whatnot.

This isn’t about that.

How about the disappointment where you expect the mere competence of a fellow colleague or worker but all you get is just subpar work. And the only way to make sure it is done is that you would have to fix it yourself because clearly they cannot do it even with exact instructions to do.

What do you do with the disappointment?

And those who disappoint people, do they even care that they did so?

Or do you change that sort of disappointment to the feeling of expectation instead. Expect that they would fail so you will not be disappointed and be slightly thrilled that they did not make too huge of a mess?

I will not find answers here, of course.

But is it an average thing to be disappointed by work people or that there are places where people actually excel and do competently at their work? And if so, where are they working at?

What sort of jobs are those?

How much disappointment can you take before you take further steps and what steps are those?