48 Hour Film Project: Singapore 2009

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For those who don’t know about the 48 Hour Film Project, it’s a competition that is held all over the world and that you have to complete a short film of 4 to 7 minutes (excluding credits) within 48 hours. This is the second year Singapore is having it.

Oh and you have to put in the 3 required items that is needed in the story and you don’t know what genre you’ll get until the day itself. What are the 3 items needed?

Prop: Scissors

Character: Amy/Andy Yeo, a journalist

Dialogue: Is it supposed to look like that?

And as for my team, we got a mockumentary. How amusing, yes?


Meanwhile, my brothers also joined the competition. I’ve taken a look at their entry and… I seriously want to see the faces of the audience when it is being screened. The competitors were required to be at TISCH Asia at least by 7pm, Friday, 1st May 2009.

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