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For those who don’t know about the 48 Hour Film Project, it’s a competition that is held all over the world and that you have to complete a short film of 4 to 7 minutes (excluding credits) within 48 hours. This is the second year Singapore is having it.

Oh and you have to put in the 3 required items that is needed in the story and you don’t know what genre you’ll get until the day itself. What are the 3 items needed?

Prop: Scissors

Character: Amy/Andy Yeo, a journalist

Dialogue: Is it supposed to look like that?

And as for my team, we got a mockumentary. How amusing, yes?


Meanwhile, my brothers also joined the competition. I’ve taken a look at their entry and… I seriously want to see the faces of the audience when it is being screened. The competitors were required to be at TISCH Asia at least by 7pm, Friday, 1st May 2009.


It goes like this:

  1. Get your team pack from the registration counter.
  2. Sit and wait for the organizers (Meghan and Michael in the above picture) and sponsors to talk.
  3. Listen carefully what the 3 items needed to be in the story.
  4. Pick your genre from the hat (if you don’t like it, you can use the wild card).
  5. Run away as quick as you can to the rest of your team to plan.
  6. If you chose a wild card stay while everyone else leaves to listen what the genre is from the organizers. There is only one surprise genre to be had for all teams who picked it.

And that is it. At least for the opening night. You got to submit your short film by Sunday evening according to the deadline. The wild card for this year was martial arts. Heh, heh.


This is the Singapore half of the team I’m in. Yes, you read that right. We actually got an Australian half since some of our friends are now studying there! This might be the first time in the competition (at least for Singapore) to have an intercontinental team. I spent the first night of Friday writing the script with the Australian, Perth side until 3am and then I left headquarters for home.

Came back the next day to HQ to start with the production. The cast was called on by the director, producer and the cameraman cause we’re all totally were searching for people on Friday night/morning. I brought some props and costume items from home too.


I was sitting on the chair while they adjusted the lights and shot sizes for the talent. In the end… Well, I’m also in the short film for a few seconds since we needed more cast. Some of us doubled up anywho.


A fake poster of the band in the story… Will SERIOUSLY post up the video when I get the link from the producer and all. The Australian side hasn’t seen it yet since we were editing it until near the last hour before the deadline.


The chest armour and the trenchcoat is mine by the way. The music video for this “band” is awesome like woah. Amusingly, see the guy on the right with the drums? He’s the “stunt double” for the guy in Australia. We made him up to look like the actor in Australia since he had the same hair and all. Plus, with the death metal makeup and all, it works.


Fun fact, this is the first time we ever did something intercontinental. It was INSANE since we had to rely on the internet and we had a lot of skype conversations and carrying of the laptops to show the set to the other crew on the other side of the ocean.

The details for our full team? 35 cast and crew. 2 “main” locations in the two countries of Singapore and Australia. 2 sets of Guitar Hero world tour instruments. Bunch of scissors and zombie pictures, loads of cast. Gorgeous make up artists for both sides. 3d animated scissors and reenactments and a whole bunch more. Seriously, this was like feature film cast and crew just for a 4 to 7 minute short film! Hahahahaah.


Naturally, people freaked, got stressed, wanted to scream and had a lot of lack of sleep within these 48 hours. However, YES!! We made the deadline. I got in the cab with the producer and we rushed towards TISCH like an Amazing Race team and zoomed up towards the submission place. She gave the whole file of our particulars, release forms and our short film.


Now all we got to do is wait.

Screening is on 12th of May. Our team’s short film is called “Beyond the Band: Johnny Axel”. We’re in screening group A. You can buy tickets from the 48 Hour site here. Wish us luck in winning some stuff!

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