Love out loud… Asia?

LOLA Banner

Last week, Love Out Loud Asia emailed me and I was like “Huuuuuuuuuh”. But it intrigued me cause their news release wasn’t as spammy as the others and they actually did email me to my correct email and with the right NAME.

Plus, they wrote in why they sent this “We came across your site, and felt that you’d be a great partner to work with!“.

Ok lor.

Before I begin, in the email they did say that if I feature them, I’d get a $10 e-voucher from Dressabelle and a chance to win a pair of Korean MusicWave tickets.

I think… If you’ve read my blog long enough, you should know that this post is not gonna be about getting those things. Haaaaaaaa.

In fact, when I told this to my friends, they were intrigued on what this LOLA thing is so, mainly I guess they were right when they emailed me.

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