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Last week, Love Out Loud Asia emailed me and I was like “Huuuuuuuuuh”. But it intrigued me cause their news release wasn’t as spammy as the others and they actually did email me to my correct email and with the right NAME.

Plus, they wrote in why they sent this “We came across your site, and felt that you’d be a great partner to work with!“.

Ok lor.

Before I begin, in the email they did say that if I feature them, I’d get a $10 e-voucher from Dressabelle and a chance to win a pair of Korean MusicWave tickets.

I think… If you’ve read my blog long enough, you should know that this post is not gonna be about getting those things. Haaaaaaaa.

In fact, when I told this to my friends, they were intrigued on what this LOLA thing is so, mainly I guess they were right when they emailed me.

Oh they have other countries too

Ok, the short details, apparently Love Out Loud Asia is also in Manila, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur besides Singapore? That’s neat.

When I read the info at the bottom of the wesbite it’s said that it’s made in Singapore. It’s in Beta mode if you noticed though so I would hope to see more improvements to the site!

Their stats.

That’s the statistics of the users of the site.

How LOLA works

Ok, so that’s how you do it. It’s different from other sites? Heck, their opening line in their press kit was “Online dating for people who hate online dating.

Finally, a non-creepy way to connect with like-minded singles.” That’s why I went all “OooOooOoOoooh”.

Post a date idea, you’ll get matched up somehow and you’ll get an email where you can either go ‘pass’ or ‘like’. If you’ve a mutual like, you get to chat with the person.

I quote them:

LOLA’s activity-based approach means less time spent online, making the experience more about getting offline and actually going on awesome dates. With a Singapore/Asian focus, the team is making privacy a key value proposition as well.

Unlike other dating sites, profiles created on LOLA will never be listed publicly on the Internet. Only upon receiving a mutual ‘Like’ will users will be able to chat privately with their match without ever having to reveal their name or personal contact information.


More statistics. So while it’s not instant, there is at least an average of 1 every 14 days?

Mind you, they’re still in beta mode and heck, if more people know, there would be a higher probability, non?

How to choose?

Alright, now on the web design of this site.

It’s simple but on mobile web, it might not appear for you depending on your browsers.

Next, when they say create your profile, it only lets you login with your facebook. They DID say they won’t post anything on facebook but the thing is, I half expected you can create a new login without a facebook account.

Oh well! It’s easier for people who do have facebook but meh to those who don’t. Note that whatever email YOUR facebook is using, they will be sending the matches or emails to that address.

It’s unfortunate you can’t change the email address in your profile settings yet. The rest is pretty simple enough.

Just your date preference and then about yourself would be just your education, height, ethnicity, job, country and birth date.

Then, you post your date idea!

And oh, you have to upload a photo too or it’ll use the default on your facebook.

So there you go. What I like best is that in the privacy page, they did note:

Individuals who wish to deactivate their Love Out Loud account may send an email request to:

That’s a sign that they really are professional about the whole privacy thing since the whole point of their website is that.

Ok apps for youuu

So here’s to less creeps! They’re having an iOS and Android app soon too.

Love Out Loud Asia, check them out if you’re all leery of other dating websites. It’s definitely different, go look see for yourselves if you’re curious.

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