Music Makes the People Come Together Yeah!

Rocking out

I karaoked at Cash Studio Cuppage. Yeah, it was that fun. Oh yeah, you can like my friend’s fb page here or watch her ‘official’ debut in this video.

I call this gif, rocking out or “LET’S KARAOKEEEE”.

Cash studio card

Here, if you want the address. Cash Studio at Cuppage Plaza is along 5 Koek Road. It’s in the basement of the building.

And yes, it really has Japanese too. Which was why we chose that place because of um, anime theme songs.

Cash studio rates!

The rates at this time of post of 2 March 2015.

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Be a dream fighter!

Perfume’s Singapore concert was held on 24 November at *Scape. The night before, there was Sigur Ros and SMTown, I didn’t go for either, only this. And wow, it’s the most orderly concert type queue I’ve been in. It’s all SO orderly. You can know which batch you are in with the number on your ticket.

The installation art truck! There were three figures of Perfume and there were HOLOGRAMS. Kinda like how the Perfume’s global website is.

We were given this by the fanclub! Instructions. It was all so cool.

International Perfume fans!

Them welcoming Perfume to Singapore. Also, there were Japanese film crews around. Apparently it was live streamed to Japan to some cinemas there I wonder how the stream looked like.

No footage or pictures during the performance. Everyone said “Hai” when there were announcements saying no photography, footage or smoking etc in the concert hall. FYI, it’s called the warehouse at Scape. This was everyone after it.

The concert was like a two hour dance party! And it was quite a small venue which meant you WERE quite close to the trio too. Those who were in the VIP queue were super close like woah.

We hope Perfume will come again and that their concert will be held in a bigger place. This was like really, just THREE OF THEM performing all the way, with lesser visual effects compared to other bigger venues. They danced and they talked to us and… There was a surprise special guest too…


Yes. Of all surprise guests, I would have never guessed Doraemon was there. And yes,  he appeared to us by using his magical door! Hahahaha. He said he was there because Perfume was going to perform the THEME SONG of his new movie next year! I mean I like Doraemon a lot and then Perfume and then now A COMBO OF THEM?

Doraemon said good bye to us before Perfume performed the song because he had to get back to Japan to make sure Nobita did his homework. So we ALL said good bye to him. Then Perfume performed their song and we followed the hand movements for it. YES. And well, you have to wait till next year for the movie. Doraemon movies re always inspiring and about friendship and FIGHT ON!

So wow. Ok, Perfume is as good as all their Lives or MTVs.

Buying a ukulele in Singapore

This is all you need to know about buying a ukulele in Singapore! Ok, not really all but just enough for you before you buy one! If you’ve read previous posts or adventures, you know I play the ukulele and stuff and since a lot of people have asked me about it. This is what you should know before buying a ukulele!

  • A ukulele is not a guitar

This might sound stupid but yes. Before you buy that ukulele, you need to know it’s not a guitar. It comes with four strings. The tuning is GCEA. The first string when you strum downwards will sound high then it goes low, higher and highest once more. Yes, it is supposed to sound that way. If you want it to sound “guitarish” or more mellow, you can change your G string to a low G string. It’s actually called that, ask for a ukulele low G string.

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Dance Central 2 – THE DANCE OFF!

It’s the Dance Central Champitionships 2012! Here’s a copy pasta of it from XBOX Singapore:

Jump into the region’s 1st national dance competition powered by the amazing Kinect for Xbox 360. Compete in Solo, Doubles or Junior categories and head into the Ultimate Dance-Off! Over $15,000 worth of cash and prizes to be won! Qualify from 13 Feb 2012 and witness the finale at Plaza Singapura from 6-8 Apr 2012!

Right now you can still check out the official page of it here to register or check out the info of where it’ll be.

The competition is fun! They’re actually going around the different malls and schools like some traveling Pokemon gym but with no Pokemon and a lot more dancing! 5 April 2012 is the last day to qualify before they do their semi final, finals and then the ultimate dance off.

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