Story Starter #2

Ok, I asked for starting sentences on Twitter if anyone wanted a random free short/micro fic.  Here’s 3. Maybe more if by the end of the day anyone else asks and I’ll just edit them into this post!

The sentences:

  • “Oh no, there’s too many of them!” by Arrch
  • “Before engaging with selkie guys, it would be wise to know this:” by BeingEvil
  • “And he ate the cupcake, without sparing a thought for his own safety.” by Arrch
  • “Now her red checkered fleece hoodie had all sorts of alien goo on it.” by lysistarielle

Okay, since Arrch said twice, I made the second one extremely short! Let’s go! Each story starts after a picture so you know which belongs to what.

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Story Starters exercise #1

Ok, this was on twitter. I got a starter sentence from @jolantru and suddenly wrote some thing to continue it before it hit 5pm. Here it is! I might do other story starters for fun like an exercise. The sentence was, “The book disintegrated in my hands. I cringed, dreading the feel of dead paper on skin.

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