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What it says. I’m just leaving it here.

Sponsor a story, not with money but with comments, chocolates or cats.

Ok, the last not really but cat pictures are good too with a message on it. I’ll be writing my stuff as usual but if you sponsor a story chapter, it’ll get written faster because it’s like being ‘commissioned’.

For those who know me in real life, you can sponsor me with chocolates, tea and whatnot. For those online, you can sponsor me digitally. These will be the for ‘free’ stories only for NOW which only includes:

Ashes to Ashes

You CAN get an original fic sponsored with a word prompt but with real items though, like how Mizhalle gave me actual chocolate and I wrote this with her prompts.

The more comments/reminders, the faster a chapter will appear. If there are none, a chapter will still appear but sloooooooowly.

And you can start by commenting at this post here. But what  IS Ashes to Ashes?

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The Singing Bone

Hello Kitty Fairy Tales

So if you haven’t known, from the various news reports and whatnot, McDonalds in Singapore had Hello Kitty Fairy Tale dolls if you purchase it with a value meal or something. The line up is as such, the witch from the Wizard of Oz, the Ugly Duckling, the lion from Wizard of Oz, the Singing Bone, the Frog Prince and Red Riding Hood.

As for the witch, she was exclusive for deliveries only so you could get her if you called McD’s delivery. My friend in Norway commented that she didn’t really look like the witch from Oz but that she was more like a McDonald’s staff who was a witch? Very Kiki’s Delivery Service.

For the rest, we know their stories pretty much.

Except for the Singing Bone.

That’s the black Hello Kitty. I have no idea why it is in the line up, the rest generally have happy endings but before we get to that…

A bid on it!

This particular kitty caused a near riot at some McDonald’s branches, some have called that the government should step in just because they couldn’t get one. Others blamed the staff for not having more.

I don’t know man, I thought the staff actually COOKED and sold food, not manufacture the cats.

And some have bid for this kitty till $126,000.

The bidders!

I don’t know if they are legit bidders but at least 28 accounts bid for it. If they are because if you don’t, your account gets banned and such which from what I see these are NEW accounts without reviews, they might just heck it.

If it was real, the details said cash on delivery. I don’t know how you’re stuffing $126,000 in briefcases or bags and going to the nearest MRT station for a meet up.

With all these ridiculous happenings, do these people know the story?

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SDS 3.21 – Take on Me

I went for the seminar instead of the workshops since I didn’t really need those. So yes, to sum it up, it was fun and super informative! This is also the first time the event is held and from what I heard from the organizer, she might be doing smaller versions, just some of the talks on its own in the future besides just the main event?

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Ashes to Ashes: Part 2

And here we go! The next bit in the story. To see the previous parts, look on the left! I put a new category just for this story here since I know it’ll be quite long.

Ashes to Ashes

Part 2

By Seriously Sarah/ sarah coldheart

The sun streamed through the glass windows of a cozy bedroom decked in cream and light blue. There, in the middle of the heavy set wooden bed lay a dark blue fleecy lump. An elderly goblin female poked it with a metal ladle.

“Mistress Ashlinn, get up. It is mid day,” she said.

With a groan, the redhead peeked out of her seclusion. She glared at the goblin that was clad in a simple brown dress with an apron tied around her waist and a muffin hat covering her dark green hair.

“Nessie, leave me be. I’m in mourning,” mumbled Ashlinn before retreated once more beneath the covers.

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Submission call for Steampunk short stories!

Hello everyone! Remember Happiness at the End of the World? If you don’t, it’s the science fiction anthology we came out with next year. This time we’re opening submissions for steampunk short stories!

Here’s the short details:

Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy (an imprint of Two Trees) and The Happy Smiley Writers Group are calling for submissions for the second in their sci-fi short story anthology series. Following on the success of their first anthology, Happiness at the end of the World, Happy Smiley and Friends are going Steampunk.

Steampunk Short Story Guidelines:
1) Theme is science fiction steampunk with a happy ending.
2) Word length between 2000 and a firm 6000 words.
3) Deadline for submissions is 31st October.
4) Open to any age, any nationality but must be resident in Singapore. (Singaporeans studying overseas are eligible.)
5) Mail submissions to steampunk@twotrees.com.sg
6) For more details go to http://twotrees.com.sg/steampunk.html

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Ashes to Ashes: Prologue

Helloooo, so… This story came to me from a dream. Well technically it’s original source is a gothic Cinderella dream of sorts. I decide to refix the dream to make it more logical and well, it wanted to be read like a real story. So have a short mini series of Ashes to Ashes. It should be quite short, I hope since I’m just writing it as it goes. Those who read the original dream (I posted that somewhere else) might know how it ends but eh, it always changes when you write it down properly!

Let’s just see ok?

Ashes to Ashes


By Seriously Sarah/ sarah coldheart

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Make your own popular supernatural romance!

The lovely crew that I usually go adventures with have a tendency to gravitate towards bookstores. This is not a tragedy for I gravitate to such places of literature too. However, as we made our rounds through Kinokuniya, such hilarity occurred for in the young adult section had an influx of a certain type of book. Thus, I have made a so called “generator” of sorts below for youto make your own popular supernatural romance!

The instructions.

  • Open up Word, notepad or whatever text editor you have, copy paste the below EXACTLY as it is. Do not press the more cut yet. Replace the words below and do not write in any numericals. Spell them out if you please.
  • Once done, click the more cut and copy paste the text into your text editor. Do not read it, go back to the top and use ctrl+F or apple+F (if you’re on a mac) and replace the words. For example, copy the symbol @ without the bracket and use the replace all function with the noun you have written down.
  • If you have done this correctly, bravo! The words should have been replaced in the correct positions.

1) Name of lead character

2) Age

3) Relative

4) Number

5) Noun

6) Noun

7) Adjective

8 ) Emotion (past tense)

9) Noun

@) Noun

#) Object

$) Colour

%) Adjective

^) Animal

&) Noise (past tense)

*) Adjective

+) Noun

-) Name of the other lead character.

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Story Starter #2

Ok, I asked for starting sentences on Twitter if anyone wanted a random free short/micro fic.  Here’s 3. Maybe more if by the end of the day anyone else asks and I’ll just edit them into this post!

The sentences:

  • “Oh no, there’s too many of them!” by Arrch
  • “Before engaging with selkie guys, it would be wise to know this:” by BeingEvil
  • “And he ate the cupcake, without sparing a thought for his own safety.” by Arrch
  • “Now her red checkered fleece hoodie had all sorts of alien goo on it.” by lysistarielle

Okay, since Arrch said twice, I made the second one extremely short! Let’s go! Each story starts after a picture so you know which belongs to what.

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