Story Starter #2

Ok, I asked for starting sentences on Twitter if anyone wanted a random free short/micro fic.  Here’s 3. Maybe more if by the end of the day anyone else asks and I’ll just edit them into this post!

The sentences:

  • “Oh no, there’s too many of them!” by Arrch
  • “Before engaging with selkie guys, it would be wise to know this:” by BeingEvil
  • “And he ate the cupcake, without sparing a thought for his own safety.” by Arrch
  • “Now her red checkered fleece hoodie had all sorts of alien goo on it.” by lysistarielle

Okay, since Arrch said twice, I made the second one extremely short! Let’s go! Each story starts after a picture so you know which belongs to what.

“Oh no, there’s too many of them!” cried Alicia.

The packets of candy kept pouring out of her locker as she tried to stuff them all back in where they came from. Her friend, Leon just stared boredly and bent down to pick one up before unwrapping it.

“Hey, looks like you don’t need to buy lunch any more,” he drawled.

“I’m not eating candy for lunch!” she exclaimed.

The redhead slammed her locker shut even if there were still quite a bit of candy on the polished vinyl floor surrounding her feet.

“It’s a Snickers, there’s the three food groups in this one,” commented Leon as he chewed on it.

To think that all she did was comment that she had never received candy for Valentine’s day before during assembly to get all of that stuffed into her locker.

“It doesn’t make sense!” she cried.

“Sure it does, there’s proteins and whatever’s in the three food groups, I’m sure it’s in here. There’s a lot of tiny text on the ingredients list,” he answered.

Alicia sighed and narrowed her eyes at him.

“I mean that all this candy doesn’t make sense! Why would I get this much? It’s a lot!” she said.

The other students nearby her lockers had seen her little candy avalanche and had wisely stayed away from her little area. It did not mean they were not talking about it even if they were a few metres away from her though.

“Yeah well, you see. Your comment? It’s blasphemy because you’re a cheerleader,” he said.

“That still doesn’t make any sense!” Alicia growled.

“Ok, it’s also cause you’re the chess team’s president too and you’re on the student council. Heck, I don’t know how you do it but you’re in a lot of clubs. Even if you’re not on it, you’re helping them out somehow and frankly, no one wants to see you sad,” he explained.

“I wouldn’t be sad if I didn’t have candy. I always don’t have candy,” she said.

Leon nodded and bit a piece of his Snickers bar, swallowing it and then leaning against the neighbouring locker of Alicia’s.

“Yeah but you like this, don’t you?” he asked.

Alicia stared at him incredulously.

“I’m just going to go grab these if you don’t mind and go away now,” he said quickly.

Within a few seconds, Leon snatched the remaining bars and packets of candy on the floor and stuffed them into his pockets before fleeing away.

“Uuuugh,” she groaned.

Before engaging with selkie guys, it would be wise to know this, put on your sunscreen,” said Jessica.

She was our guide for the day at the lagoon. There were a group of five of us females sitting in a beach hut, not including Jessica, as she explained the dos and don’ts for our activities.

The major dos involved us being kind to nature and to enjoy ourselves. The major don’ts included not ripping up the nature that we were enjoying ourselves in.

“The blue kind or the usual kind?” asked Viki as she held up two bottles.

“The usual kind. Who even wears blue sunscreen? We’re engaging selkie guys not going on Braveheart,” chided Jessica.

Viki shoved the bottle with the blue one back into her backpack as she slumped on her chair. The other three were still paying attention to Jessica. I was pretty surprised at the dynamics of the group.

We had Ann, a scientist who came along to debunk Jessica’s claims that there were secret selkie guys at the lagoon and that she had been going out with guys who were just really good swimmers; Lynn, a goth chick who was really pale and looked like she preferred the comforts of the darkness instead of basking on the sunny beach; Alexandra, a quiet artist who sketched in her book now and then; and Viki who seemed like a teeny bopper girl, she was actually Jessica’s sister.

As for me, I came along because I was a mermaid.

Ha, ha, I kid. I wasn’t a mermaid.

I was just curious when I found Jessica hanging around the lagoon seemingly looking for something or someone. I lived in one of the beach houses close to the lagoon and worked at my parents’ Tiki bar. So far, I haven’t seen any selkie guys around.

“So we’re all set! Like, you guys know what to do, right?” asked Jessica.

The rest of us nodded or mumbled a yes in reply to her. She had repeated it at least four times over what the plan was. It wasn’t much of a plan really, all she said was, “Go to the water and like, be hot and a selkie guy will come up to you” which wasn’t really helpful, really.

“Alright, let’s go!” she grinned.

The tanned blonde girl kicked open the door and ran out onto the sandy beach. It was time to put our so called plan into action.

And he ate the cupcake, without sparing a thought for his own safety. At that point two things happened, a rugby player tackled him to the ground and the sky exploded with peanut butter sandwiches.

Now her red checkered fleece hoodie had all sorts of alien goo on it. Linda rolled to the side just as a large sword flew into the air and pierced the carpet floor next to her before thudding flat on the ground.

“Watch it! I’m still right here!” she screamed.

“Sorry! Ah, behind you!” the guy shouted.

Linda grabbed the sword next to her and shoved it behind into an alien’s chest. They were everywhere in the mall. The invasion had started and she had conveniently been at a sword and weaponry replica store to purchase a utility knife for her brother’s birthday present.

“You stupid things ruined my favourite hoodie! How do I clean this goo? I bet the dry cleaners can’t do it because you guys are eating everyone up!” she screamed, punctuating each sentence with a stab of her sword.

The aliens didn’t have futuristic laser blasters from what Linda had noticed. The only futuristic thing she knew were their spacecrafts that crashed into the mall before dozens of them got out and started eating and terrorizing the people.

She had no idea how many of them were out there but she knew it was many for her phone was getting tons of text messages regarding it. If she checked Twitter, she was sure that it was probably trending at the moment.

“Get out, get out, get out!” she screamed as she kicked another alien in the face.

There was a large booming crack and a cannonball hit another one in the chest, causing the alien to fall over the railing of the mall’s corridor. Linda turned back to see the shopkeeper coughing at the smoke from the cannon.

“I thought gun powder was illegal and that was non functioning?” she screamed.

“What? I can’t hear you!” he shouted.

“Nevermind!” she shouted back.

The store was in a mess with alien bodies surrounding them, not to mention the broken glass from the windows and display cases. There were still more aliens coming up to their floor even if other people were fighting them too.

“I’m definitely not gonna do last minute birthday shopping again,” she muttered and charged on as the cannon fired once more.


And that is the end for now!

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