Phoning it in

Charge batteries for the weekend, you might wanna take pics. #catfortune #catsofinstagram

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Ahhh… ok. Nanowrimo just finished and other stuff too. Anyway, phoning this in until my next post. What I plan to do too is:

– Create an underground map

I mean, yeah go ahead if you guys wanna do it because good grief, we don’t have underground maps here. If you live in Singapore, I guess it might not be so strange but did you guys realize we can actually go around without ever seeing light or rain in town?

Well, maybe that is stretching it but yeah. Come on Singapore Tourism Board, you can go sponsor me for stuff too of travels around Singapore.

I mean, I’ll probably do this map on and off while I’m going about.

OH HEY, the TGIO party for Nanowrimo is on 6 December. You’ll know more if you’re on the nanowrimo forums.


Oxelo scooter is cat sized?

I didn’t get my scooter from Scoot and bought it last week at the stated date. A proper review of it is will be in March onwards when I have traveled around with my Oxelo Town 7 Easyfold scooter.


So we’ll see how.

Kind of short post but I went on the Marina run on Saturday! And ok, it was the 5km fun run and I managed to do it so YAY.

Teaser post – Maya O. Calica’s Undercover Tai Tai

Next book to be reviewed…


Undercover Tai Tai by Maya O. Calica

AN ACTUAL CHIC LIT BOOK WRITTEN HERE!!! Le gasp indeed. I’ll read it the day after… Since I got a Kylie Minogue concert to attend to, wooh!

EDIT 24 Feb 09:

Just noticed this page was linked to via the Asian Chic webby! For new readers, the actual review is here since this was the teaser post.