Scholastic Asian Book Award!

Yes, my fellow fictioneers. Scholastic is giving out an Asian book award!

The main details can be found at their website here:

However, here are the short details!

Deadline: 31 December 2010

Entry submissions:

a. An official entry form, duly filled in.
b. Six copies of the manuscript (in case of a paper submission).
c. A recent photograph in soft copy on CD.
d. A short biography in not more than 100 words in soft copy on CD. In case of a translation,
the biography of both the author and the translator must be submitted.


Winner gets $10,000 and a plaque! The manuscript might also be considered for publication by Scholastic Asia!

– First and second runner ups get a plaque and advice by Scholastic Asia on editing it for publication!

Anyway, it says you can send the submission via email but that is slightly redundant or risky considering it might get “lost” in emails since you still have to send physical copies of your photo and bio on a CD. Plus, you still have to send in the entry form too anywho. The address is available on the website.

This cat has nothing to do with the award but I just wanted a graphic to separate the short details with what I think could be done. OK! My opinions and thoughts!

If you’ve read through the website, you need to remember that it needs to be set in an Asian setting! It is called Scholastic Asian book award for something. Keep your things in a listed order and don’t forget to submit all the things needed!

Even though it might cost more in post and printing of your submission, it’s best to do it instead of email because in the end it might get lost when your soft copy is sent separately from your hard copy stuff.

Oh and a tip? Print 1 of your manuscript and then get it photocopied at a shop. It’s always cheaper to get one printed at a shop and then the rest photocopied instead of printing all of the copies. It saves much moolah like that.

And that’s pretty much it. No word limit but try not to make it too long! Children should be your target audience and keep your language simple!

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