SDS 1.18 – Birdplane

Even though I’m not sponsored by G&B comics, it feels like this post is brought to you by them since it’s going to be full of comic-ky goodness! It’s because this episode features Free Comic Book Day! Yaaaay.

Actually, this was before Free Comic Book Day. The evening before, the shop had booked a theatre for the members of the shop. We bought our tickets so all we had to do was just redeem them at the counter that was set up near the entrance of the cinema. They also gave us a free Iron Man comic!

Before the movie started, there was a lucky draw on who would win the Iron Man statue action figure thing. It’s one of those detailed sculpted ones which is oh so expensive and gorgeous. That guy there won it. Meanwhile, if you watch the movie, stay after the credits for your usual extra clip and also, can you spot Stan Lee during the movie?

Fast forward to Free Comic Book Day which was pretty much the next day. It’s the first Saturday of every May held all around the world. The store said it was going to open at 12pm but woah, there was a queue by 11-ish. Raven Silvers, Avariel and Mintea was with me for this. Heh.

It was rather packed when all of us went in! Besides FCBD, the store was having a 1 USD = 1 SGD sale for the book compilations aka trade paperbacks.

And according to the email, those who were in costume would get a little free goodie too! Hahah, Captain America is one of the store staff/owner’s friend but then everyone who’s a member of the shop are kinda like friends in a way anyway. Anywho, I went as The Question in her more casual outfit from the book of Revelations/Crime Bible. I needed a new picture in a costume since my other friends had updated theirs from the other conventions in Australia. 🙁

Hahah, yes. I can see through it quite well. I probably need to adjust the colouring since this is for fluorescent while I was instead in daylight. The above pic over this video was with photoshop since I might as well make it look nice eh? I didn’t get to adjust the mask tighter in the vid. In photos, it still looks nice without photoshop since it’s supposed to be for dimly lit places. Without photo editing, it should look like this.

As we slowly got our turns to the table at the back with the free comics, (10 for members, 5 for non-members!) there were large frames of pictures to our right with the various events the store had been at. Fun fact! You can see some of the Adventure Crew and me in the Neil Gaiman event pictures if you can spot us in the audience and naturally you can see me in the Brian Bolland photos for when he was at the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention.

Besides the free comics, Storm Lion was there in the store giving art demonstrations and to sign autographs on their first preview issue comic out.

The others bought the trade paperbacks but I couldn’t find the one that I wanted. Nonetheless, the Thursday before I saw some figurines I wanted and thought that I’d get it on Saturday. It was a Spike and Faith figurine! GASP! There was much shouting and gasping since Spike was easily found behind the counter (you can see Shazam etc in the background, the Buffy figurines are blocked by the guy in front of me in this picture) but Faith was hidden behind the other Buffys! And yes, on the left you can see bottles of True Blood.

Apparently they didn’t bring that much for Spike and Faith so AAAAAAH YESSS, I got them! HURRAH!

My haul from FCBD? 10 comics, the Spike and Faith figurines and a free Shazam figurine plus bag for dressing up! The War Machine Heroclix are for those members who wore the member t-shirt! It was pretty fun. Arrch messaged me though to say that he got a Lady Gaga comic book there in Australia. We didn’t have it here but we had tons of the others! (Different comic stores get different comics according to what was ordered in, I think.)

The only pissy thing was that while the whole bunch of us girls (it’s very obvious that we’re girls, in fact the majority of the girls who came for FCBD, I pretty much knew them and intro-ed them to each other via their Livejournal names) were standing in front of the shelves searching for some titles, one of the mothers of the children was telling her daughter that there weren’t any comics for girls.

You may not my faceless uh, face but you can be certain I gave a look along with everyone else of us giving an expression of horror. Really, irony to the max while we were talking about, “Should I get this? Oh-my-gaaah, yes I should get this!” in the way of how one would go “Should I get this shoes? It so totally matches my outfit” etc and there she was saying that to her kid. Though, they were there because their son was getting comics and we didn’t want to go !!!!!! aloud in case said mother would restrict said son from going to the shop or something.

Too bad though, it wasn’t a comics for girls issue there, it was more for the age range. I wouldn’t recommend X-men to her but there are books like Owly, DC Superhero Kids or others. Just DON’T go saying “There aren’t books for girls here” when girls are all up surrounding in your face or something.

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  1. i’m not going to comment on there not being a ‘comic for girls’, since there are enough things wrong with that to fill a 2000 word essay, especially since i easily picked up 3 comics i wanted and had to choose between. HOWEVER, if the kind of comic that mother is thinking of is the girly cosmo mag comic equivalent, i’m pretty sure i saw some barbie comics somewhere…

    also, ‘their son’ makes it sound like the mother and daughter had a son together…but that’s probably just the way my mind works. xDD

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