SDS 2.17 – Misery Business

And so the 30th October was the kick off party for Nanowrimo in Singapore! It was at the multipurpose room of the national library. Most people ask why do Nanowrimo since you have to write at least 50k in 30 days well… That is pretty much the point! For others it’s a daunting task, to writers it is fun!

There were goody bags for the Nano-ers for those curious on what they are and what they mean:

  • Either a monkey or octopus sticker from HQ.
  • A burnable cd for backups!
  • A pencil to write and a post it pad just in case.
  • A nano booklet to help with writing.
  • A dice to go with the things in the booklet.
  • An alcohol swab to clean things and somewhat of a reminder not to get sick!
  • A rabbit sweet for a plot bunny.
  • Milo cause you’re champions!
  • A plastic animal toy as a word prompt – if you don’t have a clue on what next in your story to put, insert the animal somewhere!

The queue as the people got in. It wasn’t even 6.30pm.

And yet the people were filling up the seats. Naturally they sat from the back first and then towards the front.

Maybe because Death (from Terry Pratchett) was there. Nya ha ha!

So it was a pretty fun time. The competitions and quizzes had prizes ranging from Moleskines to battery operated fans, girly/manly joke eye glasses and lots of notebooks.

We even had our book launch for Bubble G.U.M after the main bulk of what is Nanowrimo. You guys can get the book at Two Trees by emailing them or well, emailing me either way since I can contact them. In which in the slides we presented, we informed that the Nano-ers can still submit short stories of STEAMPUNK to Two Trees since we extended the deadline to 15 November for those that were interested.

And thus, we had our cake and discussion on comics and of speculative fiction. It was pretty fun as usual for that bit and we got everyone else to help with the chairs.

The flickr album will be updated with more photos of the event but yes! Fun. Hahah, I think the photos will explain more on the event since it has more things in it.

FYI for others, write-ins are from 2pm at the Earshot Cafe of The Arts House. They’re usually on weekends or check the info on the Nano forums anyway.

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