Nanowrimo kick off 2014!

The date: 25 October 2014

Starts at 4pm

Location: Possibility Room (5th floor) at National Library

Dresscode: True to Yourself

RSVP here!

I know it’s on the same day as Games Start and a lot of other events too but ehh oh well. Ours start at 4pm so there’s mucho time to go to the others too! (I’m going to Games Start on the Sunday.)

How to get to the Possibility room? Here’s a video:

And here’s the poster! Since you’re reading this, that’s neat. I didn’t state it on the rsvp there and all but I shall wear a dragon suit or something. That’s the exclusive info for being my reader (?!).

Nanowrimo Kick Off

Don’t be shy. Or well, you can be shy too but just come to the party.

Watch it and VOTE it!

They spotted me!

Finally you can vote for the teams of N.E.mation! There was an urban picnic at the national library’s plaza while all the teams were there to showcase their videos.

You can vote for them by going to the N.E.mation website!

There’s FOUR ways to vote, via the website, by mobile web, sms and the facebook app. More details on the webby. With each entry you can vote for 3 teams.

VOTE FOR C05 aka Momento Mori because it is super punny and Chua Enlai is the voice over!

VOTE FOR C08 aka The 4 of Us II because they tell about the unsung heroes in their video!

And then you pick your own for the last one, hahahaha. I can’t tell you which because they’re all good but these are my two choice teams and they’re my teams!


At The 4 of Us II’s booth, you’d get a clip to support them! Watch their video clip and get a clip, GET IT? HEH HEH.


At Momento Mori, well… I don’t think they were handing out bananas to people. They did however have small flyers to pass out.

Picnic with the team. Goodies I got! Watching the show

Click to enlarge the pictures as always. It was a picnic and so once people voted there, they’d get a goodie bag. I like how there’s Milo in mine along with the other toys.

Momento Mori!

Soon the groups got to talk to the DJs of Power 98 since they were also the emcees for the event. Momento Mori did a little intro about themselves and then their clip was shown. Dr Jia Jia and his brother was there too.

The All-Nighters!

Since Momento Mori was one of the first five, there was a little interval after their group and The All-Nighters played a few songs.

4 of us II

Then it was the round with The 4 of Us II! Heh, their uniforms sort of match Dr Jia Jia and his brother’s clothes.

Instaprint SG

Also, if you were there, you could have gotten free instagram prints via Instaprint!

My prints!

So cool right? I just had to instagram and use the hashtag for that day and get it printed at the booth and collect it.

ANYWAY, go VOTE. Please vote for C05 and C08 in your choice of 3 teams.

A Beautiful Plan

Huh, this is the first State of Sarah report for the year. Well there you go. I have a plan. Oh and before I start on what this year will be, LIKE my page here:

Because you guys want to know what’s happening in Singapore or want to go events? Well, just like that page. I don’t post ALL my activities here, that would just be silly and spammy.

Firstly, this Saturday I’m going to La Salle to hopefully see The Walking Dead stars at 11am and then I’ll have a snack or something and go for the Run for Your Lives Asia since mine starts at 4pm.

That’s just this weekend.

Note, this post is going to be Singlish-y.

What I am up to is also…

Love Kuching Project

Well, I do now and then get to help out at Love Kuching Project. I didn’t get Dawn from them though, Dawn just self-rescued herself by shoving herself inside the house.

Hanging around

Ok lor.

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Gone to the Library

It's Kenny the friendly chicken

A new year, a new whatsits. January, the time when people sign up programmes or try to get fit because woah a new year and all. Well, I signed up for this ventriloquism workshop last year.

Have you checked the GoLibrary website?

They’ve got lots of free workshops happening if you clicked under arts in the programmes tab because this is the year of arts? Something like that, they’ve got a Press Play thing happening for 2014. When you see something you like, just quickly click on it because some programmes are really popular.

That’s Kenny the friendly chicken by the way and on the right is Shawn from Magic Avenue teaching us how to use a puppet and mostly how to make it look real and practice ventriloquism!

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Losing It

If this was one of those Upworthy headlines or Viral Nova articles, it would have started with “SHE IS THE BIGGEST LOSER BUT WHAT SHE DOES WILL MAKE YOU WEEP – So amazing” or something like that.

But no, this is a State of Sarah post so really.


Hey, yesterday I went to NLB‘s Customer Appreciation Dinner.

The food was great and wow, the libraries DO make note of those customers who contribute to the libraries whether as contributors or people who give talks there, write suggestions, role model library users etc. For each library, the staff do make note of those who come by and all.

And loooook. Besides the great food (and getting my friends to come along too), I won a pencil box at pre-event games there.

Oh yeah and this:

Online advocate award!

Not the phones, those are mine. I didn’t win those.

They are Nokia bar phones to be censor bars on it. HEH HEH, get it?

Anyway I got the Online Advocate Award by them for twittering/talking about library events and talking to their twitter/instagram accounts and also besides the cert, I got an upgrade of my library membership for a year!

And then I realized I was the greatest loser.

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Ken Liu’s coming to Singapore!

Meet the author - Ken Liu

Yes, Ken Liu’s coming to Singapore in September! Don’t know his work or want to read one of his stories for free? You can check his Paper Menagerie out! It’s also part of Read Singapore this year.

So the important dates would be:

  • 4 September , 7.30pm – 9pm: The Paper Menagerie
  • 7 September,  2pm- 3.30pm: The Writing Life : Science Fiction and Fantasy  or 5pm- 6.30pm: Comparing Notes: Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • 8 September, 3pm – 4.30pm: Author Reading at Origami Exhibition

We’re going on the Saturday sessions. Especially if you’re Nanowrimo-ers COME ON SATURDAY. He has done Nanowrimo before too and well, it’s always great to meet up with others who have done it while meeting an award or rather AWARDS winning author at the library.

This is all free but if you want to register to just ‘chope’ seat here’s the info:

Registration Info: All sessions are free, but seats are limited.

To confirm your seat, kindly email

1) Your Name 2) Title & Date of Session/s 3) Contact Number

See you guys there! I’ll be going to the 7th September sessions.

Is it real life? No, it’s a Fantasy! Or sci-fi…

Hey everyone, my pals from the library sent me this!

Budding Writers League Sci-Fi/Fantasy Chapter

Venue: Programme Zone, Clementi Public Library
Date: (Thursdays) 27 June, 25 July, 29 August, and 12 September
Time: 7:30-9pm
Ages: 13 – 28 years old

Calling budding writers and fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy! If you are a fan of writers such as Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher, Time Powers, and Simon R. Green, then this 4-part workshop is for you.

Participants will learn the art of writing urban fantasy stories. Topics covered are:
-       Building your protagonist/antagonist
-       Defining your environment
-       Creating the perfect plot
-       Identifying the fantasy tropes
-       What you need to know about publishing

We will be meeting up once a month on a Thursday evening. Participants who are interested to join us for this workshop must submit their story idea or an excerpt of their story of 2,000 words or less. Limited to 15 participants aged 13-28 years. Please register with Pearly at

It’s organized by Eugene Tay from Monsters Under the Bed, and the main trainer will be Adan Jimenez (co-author of Sherlock Sam series). It’s a four session workshop so check out the dates and email Pearly if you or your friends are interested in it!