SDS 2.25 – Draw Me A Map

This wasn’t on a Saturday but instead a week night! I had been meaning to post this for quite a while, heh. You might remember me doing stop motion the other day and this time I got to see the student groups doing their animation! And… they had 3 weeks to do their production! Good grief.

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SDS 2.24 – Black Sheep

Singapore Toy Games Comics Convention 2010 aka STGCC! Alright, I managed to go to all three days since I was helping out at the con too so it was from 10 Dec to 12 Dec. Most of the pictures of the stalls etc were taken on Friday BEFORE people were let in so HO HO HO, I could take pics before I got the crowd in the hall.

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Singapore Steampunk Anthology: Update!

Since I keep seeing it in my keywords searching more about the Singapore steampunk anthology by Two Trees… Here’s a public update! The non-acceptances have been emailed out with comments and the rest have been updated that they’ve passed through the first round!

At the moment, we’re sorting through which stories will fit together in the whole anthology since there ARE quite a lot! The results of that will most probably get through after New Year’s and then we’ll email once more who got through the final cut!

From then onwards, we’ll note to them which parts need editing if they need, etc.

So yes, submissions are closed but we’re still working on it to get it all together!

STGCC: And for those who make it fun

The Singapore Toys, Games, Comics Convention 2010 starts tomorrow! Hurray! They’ve got the line up and “who’s who” up at their website now including the name of the shops. However, I’d like to focus on SOME people who aren’t “special guest stars” but who make the convention fun. They range from the various shops, to the organizations and even media people! I got to talk or rather email some of the people below so heh, you guys will get to know more on them!

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SDS 2.22 – Dig A Little Deeper

As we signed the indemnity forms, I realize that if we were to accidentally activate zombies, mummies or strange portals, it wouldn’t be the archaeologist’s fault and we’d have to FIGHT TO SURVIVE!

Or something like that.

However, there were no zombies, mummies or strange portals… In this episode of ARCHAEOLOGICAL ADVENTURE! Wooo. It’s still fun nonetheless.

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Hello, hello. We’ve had the kick off and now it’s the Thank Goodness It’s Over Party! Details in the poster but pretty much:

Date: 4 December 2010

Time: 2.30pm-4pm

Location: Earshot Cafe at The Arts House

It’ll be very informal and there will be cake, pastries, muffins and tea and coffee! Want to talk about anything literary or anything bookish or about writing, just come on even if you’re not a Nanowrimo-er! It’s always good to go to meet other writers and readers for this is usually one of the free events in which they’d come to!