Congratulations to BOTH my teams!

The ceremony

The ceremony was a week ago, the 20th Feb at the National Museum of Singapore. Finally we would know who would win for N.E.mation! 8 . I had no idea really but I hope that my teams would win.

I’m sure the other blogger ambassadors wanted their teams to win too of course!

Momento Mori

Momento Mori were already seated in their sections so yay to that.

The 4 of Us II

The 4 of Us II were just adjusting their uniforms and got back in time before everything started.

Naturally I said hi to both teams because AHHH AHHH FINALLY they would know who would get to USA and visit the various animation studios and have fun in Disneyland and all those other places! Believe me, it is super fun there.

My stix

Meanwhile, as we waited for the guest of honour and for everything to officially start, we got to learn how to use some stix and play music!

Playing our stix

It was pretty fun and because the theme was ‘Because You Played A Part’, it sounded silly if you just hit your sticks on your own but together, we actually DID play Beethoven’s symphony.

Just the starting part because we don’t have that much time anyway.

It was a pretty cool way to wait instead of just sitting there.

Mr Chan Chun Sing

The guest of honour (Mr Chan Chun Sing) arrived and all the other speeches were also said their pieces. The emcee then intro-ed all the teams and their clips as they lined up one by one on stage.


At this point I didn’t have too many pictures because WHAT THE HECK! THE HECK!!!!!

As I sat with the other bloggers, we counted down the 7 runner ups and then to the final three. It was in that final three that we all realized THAT BOTH MY TEAMS WERE IN IT.



Stick with me, you’ll get top three.

WHO WOULD WIN? Both were the ‘opposite’ of each other. Momento Mori was colourful and punny while The 4 of Us II was black and white with red and interviews. BOTH had stories.



AND THEN… As the video flickered onto both teams, the drums rolled and…

The 4 of Us II were the champions while Momento Mori were the 1st runner ups! I WAS SO GLAD FOR THE BOTH OF THEM because it’s not THAT easy to get into the finals ok?

Also, super happy for The 4 of Us II because note the II. This was their SECOND try and finally they made it to the end.

All of them got great prizes so YEAH.

Party on my pals.

Party onnnnnnnnn.

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