Soooo I don’t usually blog about my school assignments or the exact submissions but I figured I’d post one here today! It’s a machinima where I used the game called The Movies and made the characters… act! Heck, in depth description can be found on the Singapore Machinima website. There’s film festivals and all for this too.

Assignment 3 from seriouslysarah on Vimeo.

Anywho, the technical details of my machinima:
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HSWG #3 recap (plus minor Script Frenzy promo)!

So it was last Saturday (as always) and this time, we’ve got Maya coming by to meet us! She’s actually a nanowrimo-er too! Anywhooo, a little recap goes like this:

  • We’re gonna have something for the Singapore Writers’ Festival.
  • Gosh, darn. We’re hoping to finish and confirm things by early June so the NAC people can put it in their programme. We have a list but we want to make it neat for them.
  • Nerwen and me fangirled over Maya’s book, The Undercover Tai Tai because it is awesome and why are you not reading it yet? It’s funny, chic lit and well… FUN.
  • It always rains the day we have meetings at Geek Terminal.
  • Oh and we got our copies autographed by Maya since she was there.

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