Meanwhile, a little prelude… Plus Script Frenzy

There’s posties for May but I’ll actually post them when it’s May (duh). For now, what have I been doing?

Hohoho! I’ve been on production! A sci-fi based… Okay, it’s actually a Jedi/Sith music video of sorts. You can read them here:

Production Day 1

Production Day 2

And a really work in progress preview trailer since people have been curious what we had been doing. Sheesh, people! Be patient! We didn’t even get the time to have the special effects composited and all yet! Effects will be overseen by 4Dpencil and yes, I know you’re probably going what the heck at the techno music. That’s not the real music for the final piece.

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Peranakan Museum first anniversary celebration!

Okay, I got this info cause my friend is working in the museums here. If you haven’t been to the Peranakan museum yet, you should try to go on the 25th or 26th April 2009! Special admission on that day is $2 instead of $8 and ooooh, there’s a lot happening on that weekend.


And oooh free bibik notebooks or ice cream with a ticket purchase, while stocks last!

Exact programmes, check it out here on their website at .

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Silver ring with gemstone setting class at JDMIS!


Yes! I went to the Jewelry Design & Management International School on Saturday, 10am for their course on making rings. What I have to say is that it is ridiculous that there are very few reviews about this school online. At least I can’t find much reviews on it especially when after experiencing it myself and that it’s absolutely good?!? I suppose the people attending the classes aren’t really major bloggers anywho.

Well onwards with the module!

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Reminder for this week’s HSWG #4

Date: 18th April

Time: 2pm (come around 3pm or so if you’re from Script Frenzy wanting stickers)

Location: Geek Terminal (55 Market Street)


  • Book thingies
  • Script Frenzy thingies
  • Any other thingies
  • In the making of secret thingies
  • Thingies.

Okay, no SPECIFIC agenda but we’re going to be there with our written stuff. Feel free to come and whatnot!

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (now in Singapore!)


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is available in Singapore! Yay! It released on 1st April in the US and I had been looking out if there were any yet here. Kinokuniya had it few days later and on the 4th, I GOT MY COPY! I was informed of it via twitter that it was spotted near the cashier and new books! Hurray! At the moment of this post, I don’t know if Borders has stocked them up yet.

And yes, I actually went to get a picture of it with the Merlion in the background just to show it’s here, cause hey, it is a landmark!

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Book exchange at the National Library!


Hohohoh, have some old books that you want to exchange for others? Well then, lock in 25th April 2009 in your calendars!

The details!

Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009
Time: 10.30am to 6pm
Venue: The Plaza, National Library Building,100 Victoria Street

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HSWG #4 reminder!

It’ll be at Geek Terminal (55 Market Street).

Time: 2pm till 4.30pm (but we tend to be really early or stay till near closing time)

Date: 18th April 2009


  • Sci-fi story
  • General editing of own stories
  • Or Script Frenzy writing
  • Any of the upcoming short story competition deadlines discussions
  • Randomness of bookish things

Oh since I’ll be there (probably slightly late than normal since I’ll be going to an open house before that) at the cafe, SFers can get their stickers from me too if you’re around in the area.

Next posty on Seriously Sarah up on Monday regarding… DUH DUH DUUUH, Levis’ Shoebox competition.