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Those who had been reading my twitter (no, I’m not telling you what it is but it’s really easy to find anyway and I won’t tell you because if you follow me, you’d be spammed since I get really random) would have noticed me going “LE GASP!” at the latest initiative by the national library.

What is the Quest? The Quest is a story card game thingy with pretty artwork and well… You can check out their official site to know more.


You exchange your loan receipt of at least four books to get a pack of 3 cards! If you borrowed 6 books, you can get a limited edition file including instructions on how to play the game, I would think.


Heh, the pack is like an ang bao and the top is pretty sealed up good. I had to carefully peel off the top because I wanted to keep the pack without tearing it too much.


3 random cards! Now, you might be wondering why on earth do I want these cards anyway? For one thing, the ART IS BUGGING ME. It looks familiar somehow and I have a suspicion that I might either know the artist from the cosplay events I go to (there’s artist booths and all there that’s why) or that it’s from a company that I have heard of.

In any case, the art style and the girl really reminds me of Asami from Kouko Debut by Kazune Kawahara. Well, in one of promo pics on the website at least. The cards have pretty nice art and seriously who is drawing all 60 cards of this?

I would like to know and if anyone has INFO, just comment or email me.


So great. (Read that sarcastically, by the way.)

The storyline’s on the back of each of the cards and there’s 60 cards.

I have no idea how I am going to get it since this is by the library and not some ‘commercial’ entity and thus I won’t be able to actually BUY missing cards, would I?

Hopefully, there will be others who would post up their bits of story. Hmm, I might start up just an extra page somewhere to keep stock of the story and maybe with others who are online and want to know how the story goes!

Meanwhile, maybe when the other stuff are up on the main website, the credits of who the artist and the writer will be there!

OH RIGHT! Where to get these? Just go to the counter of the library and exchange your receipt there. All libraries are available except the one at the Esplanade! If you’re doing this, comment me and maybe we’ll try to join the story bits together!

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