15 Fun Facts about Pasir Ris Library


The library in Pasir Ris just reopened on 28th November 2015!


I managed to get a preview before the opening and in a way, I got to have FIRST BUTT on the seats there as I look-see-ed the place.

Here’s some fun facts you might not know with this new reopening.

Fact 1: They’ve got this reservation collection ‘outside’ the main gates of the library so that you can collect your reservation any time the mall is open.

The little shelves will light up and you can collect your book from there.

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SDS 1.19 – Take a Chance on Me

We woke up to arrive at the National Library around 8am. Well, earlier since we hung around while waiting for things to be set up for the The Original Race by HIP Alliance. We registered with the team name “Adventure Crew”. Hah. Members include me (obviously), Mintea, Raven Silvers, Avariel and Joelyn.

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The Quest! At the library…


Those who had been reading my twitter (no, I’m not telling you what it is but it’s really easy to find anyway and I won’t tell you because if you follow me, you’d be spammed since I get really random) would have noticed me going “LE GASP!” at the latest initiative by the national library.

What is the Quest? The Quest is a story card game thingy with pretty artwork and well… You can check out their official site to know more.

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