Into the research

This year I’m gonna document how I can do 1667 words a day for November. Well, for Nanowrimo, that is. Sure, I can probably write more a day and finish it before the deadline but it’s just fun that way, you know. Plus, I like seeing a gradual incline on the graph on my account there.

If you’re not even Nanowrimo-ing, this will still probably be educational if you ever want to figure out how to write at least a novel of your own. Sure, there’s probably tons of websites out there saying the same thing but heeey, whatever. I just like writing these stuff up anyway to note it down. Thus, this will also be a progress post of sorts.

Alright, this year I want to write about superheroes.

Or to be exact, I want to write about the person who makes the super hero outfits.

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