Reaction Shots! Episode 1.4

Reaction Shots

Alrighty! Spoilers included, also panels don’t look like how they are because I used a camera to take a pic since the scanner is kinda crappy here.

Queen Sonja #2Emily the Strange - The Thirteenth Hour #2Models Inc #4Gotham City Sirens #6Buffy and Angel collector's figurine #2

We’ve got:

  • Queen Sonja #2
  • Emily the Strange – The Thirteenth Hour #2
  • Models Inc #4
  • Gotham City Sirens #6
  • Buffy and Angel figurine collection #2

Here we go! Also, at this rate, you can see how odd the genre mix I read.

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Minor interlude of things

Tomas the transformer

Firstly, yeah. I have no idea what is going with this. It’s a Thomas the tank engine transformer. Secondly, they typoed Thomas to Tomas. Just wanted to post that up because it’s just so weird.

ANYWAY! A minor interlude. I’ve been posting events because they’re faster than my book reviews! I got a stack load of books from the Singapore Writers Festival the other month and yes… It’s quite a lot. I’ll post them book by book in December. That’s after Nanowrimo anyway.

The stack of books include:

  • Howl
  • Biophilia Omnibus
  • Proper Care of Foxes
  • Rochee the friendly roach
  • Morris Takes a Chance

And uh, whatever books I forgot to list down but is in my stack to go through. So there! Also I’ll be premiering a new series called Tower. It’ll be pretty much a weekly online webcomic without the comic. I can’t draw that well but I can write! Heh, more info on that once I get the prologue and stuff up. What I can say is that, it’ll be a pretty fun online series…

Kitty Lab in Singapore!

Kitty Lab ticket!

Kitty Lab is in Singapore from the 14th till 29th November at the Singapore Expo, Hall 1! Of course I had to go there because it is Hello Kitty! Also, I went there on a Tuesday evening because the ticket prices are cheaper on weekdays, except on Friday. Since it was a rainy evening, it was pretty creepy and quiet as I made my way through the Expo from the MRT station. Hall 1 is way over at the other side of the convention halls so it’s quite a long walk to it.

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Reaction Shots! Episode 1.3

Reaction Shots

This week’s reaction shots include:

Nomad: Girl Without A World #3X-Men Legacy #229Dr Horrible #1Buffy the Vampire Slayer figurine collection #1

  • Nomad: Girl Without A World #3 of 4
  • X-Men Legacy #229
  • Dr Horrible #1
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer first figurine collection #1

As usual, click to enlarge. Spoilerific as always. My reactions to the whole thing and the figurine collection is a review of what I got!
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Into Narnia… Or Adventures with Sarah

Note: Hey, if you don’t want to be surprised or fascinated on your own, do NOT click to read more. These exhibitions will last till the 27th December 2009 at SAM 8Q. Go to it without clicking below if you’re the sort that would appreciate FUN exhibitions where you can interact with stuff! If you click more, then you’ll know what’s there (duh) without going through it yourself. It’ll still be fun to go to but you won’t be surprised.

Singapore Arts Museum 8Q

This is the post where you can click the pictures to see a larger version because the details are SO needed to be seen! Have you been to the Singapore Art Museum at 8Q lately? There’s one exhibition that will last until the 27th December that you need to go to if you like going to arty places or pretty much fun things. It features the President’s Young Talents 2009.

I went there on a Saturday for Fleatique, some flea market thing, waiting for one stall to open and it didn’t. At least from what I saw, the table was still unoccupied by the time I left there at around seven with my friends from the Nanowrimo write-in. Anyone who joins me for a walk around tends to land themselves in adventure. See the tank behind there? Well, some SAM ladies (volunteers, I think?) handed us some pamphlets of the programme for the next few months and told us that we could actually control the WATER on the fourth floor.

And so we did.

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Reaction Shots! Episode 1.1

Reaction Shots

Hi ho everyone. Since twitter is just 140 characters, it is clearly not enough for me to squee over the comics I get weekly (or at least whenever a new shipment has the comics that is in my list reserved at G&B Comics).

So this is my first episode of Reaction Shots! Yes, spoilers are included so don’t click if you don’t want to be spoilered. Oh and the illustration above is done by the lovely Mae of Space Kitties! This ain’t a “review” post but more of my own reactions of the comics.

This week’s issues include:

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer #30
  • Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #1 of 6

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And I typed on… Apparently

Screen shot of a line from my Nano

Just so you know, I’m doing Nanowrimo this year and it’s chic-lit. The starting is rubbish and I mean it’s worse than my usual silly ones because I haven’t gotten into the groove of being silly or not taking this thing seriously. I write best when I just write but at the moment, it’s not writing that much since I’m being serious so baaah.

Oh yeah, I installed a new plug in on WordPress and considering that I’m on my eeePC, I don’t have Photoshop on it so I just edited these screens on Paint. Click on the pictures to view it in its original size!

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