Reaction Shots! Episode 1.3

Reaction Shots

This week’s reaction shots include:

Nomad: Girl Without A World #3X-Men Legacy #229Dr Horrible #1Buffy the Vampire Slayer figurine collection #1

  • Nomad: Girl Without A World #3 of 4
  • X-Men Legacy #229
  • Dr Horrible #1
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer first figurine collection #1

As usual, click to enlarge. Spoilerific as always. My reactions to the whole thing and the figurine collection is a review of what I got!

Nomad's outfit in Sarah vision

Yet again, we see her outfit in Sarah vision. It’s pretty easy to do compared to other superhero outfits. She tends to take off her goggles though but hey, I do not think that’s advisable since what if someone could see and figure out who she was? Which is pretty much about Nomad: Girl Without A World #3 is about. Sorta. In any case, she still doesn’t know who gave her the outfit and in my opinion, it’s a very practical suit. Probably warm too in cold weather and the goggles help in the whole swinging around in the air thing!

In the last issue, this dimension’s John wanted to kiss Rikki (yes, Nomad is now a girl FYI) and she freaked out because hey, he was her brother in her own dimension!

It would be so, so wrong if she did it. Legally, it wouldn’t be because hey look at Pietro and Wanda in Ultimates since he’s not the same brother from her own dimension. Ethically wrong in her part but not legally wrong…

Anywho, because of the terrorist incident, John’s got all hospitalized and is being a skinhead due to his injuries and all. This got major flashbacks for Rikki in her own backstory where her dimension’s brother was a neo-Nazi skinhead and all. I nearly forgot this is issue 3 of 4 which meant it ends the next issue.

Need a better charger...

Got to say, I wondered how she charged her shield thing. Plug it to a power point or does it come with a usb port? Hmmm. Anyway, SHE REVEALED HER IDENTITY AT A SCHOOL ASSEMBLY. Considering she did this only at the school and that most of the students were brainwashed somehow… Something tells me that it won’t affect her much after the conclusion in issue 4. I’m predicting a whole “Woah, what happened? I can’t remember” thing here.

If not, then heh, well it will be interesting to see what happens. John is surprised she did that and I think he might be able to help. He didn’t even know Rikki was Nomad but after that confession, I think he feels it so odd and even though he’s pissed with her, he can’t help but care since it’s so suspicious.

Booyah, the end page is just so douchey which is good because the reveal of the true villain of the story who is actually commanding all these students. He looks like you want to punch his face in with his arrogant introduction of his name. Well, you want to punch him more than that Flag guy in issue 2 because this guy means it. Okay, that’s it for issue 3 because we’re left hanging there and we have no idea if Nomad’s gonna stick to this dimension or if she’s going to be… what exactly??

Future unclear, try again later. I hope she pulls through and gets to be friends with John again though.

Gambit in his angsty emoness

I don’t know who does the preview text for X-Men Legacy #229 but for those that didn’t see it, it goes like this:

As Rogue continues her mission, Gambit goes on one of his own. His mission will push him down a dark road that will shock X-Fans everywhere!


Shock X-Fans everywhere.

You know what the shock was?

Gambit as a red eyed drow

Gambit cosplaying as a red eyed Drizzt.

BWUAHAHHA okay… So the shock wasn’t that shock shocking. It just made me go, “Okay, that panel with him being tied to that machine by Apocalypse… That’s actually looks pretty hot”.


And le sigh, guess we’ll see what happens in the next issue or so because we only get pages of him staggering in pain since we don’t know much of what Apocalypse did to him. Hmm, I keep wanting to spell Alpacalypse which would be a weird llama version of him…

Ah can't! But only love can!

Oh Rogue! And Bling! I love this part of the series because of the maximum Rogueness of it. No prizes, my fav char is Rogue because she’s hot and awesome and overall… A SPITFIRE, SUGAH! After borrowing of Trance’s power, she gets into the hole that she can see into another dimension of sorts to find Bling. Obviously she cares a lot not to send a “newbie” off to search for Bling since she has more experience and all.

I would like to add disapproving Gambit is a hot Gambit.

The art for this issue is very eye pleasing. I like the style of it where you have black outlines but none of it “inside” of the objects. Anywho, Rogue and Bling gets all smackdowny Emplate.


They’re stuck in Emplate’s fortress and he can change his density so oh-oh Rogue! Issue ends there with a panel of Emplate’s scary hands trying to suck Rogue while she’s a ghosty yet with oddly perky boobs. Come on Cyclops and team! Bust through with your new portal machine thingy!

A very young Billy!

Meanwhile, Dr Horrible issue 1! It’s a one shot but hey, we won’t know if there will be future comics from this show! We get an insight and a semi-history of a superhero that came before Captain Hammer and why young Billy started rooting for the bad guys.

Captain Hammer is obnoxious even in print!

Fast forward time and we get to see Captain Hammer’s first meeting with Dr Horrible. He’s so, so obnoxious even in comic form. This whole comic happens before the web musical series! So Dr Horrible history, woooh.

Oh Penny and her laundry...

And Penny with her laundry. She’s so sweet and cute too. Billy still doesn’t say much to her at the moment except sees her separating her unmentionables and stuff.

Moist and Dr Horrible!

Hey it’s Moist! I find it pretty cool that the characters in the comic do look like their real life counter parts. You can even imagine Moist’s voice whining and making a point to Billy. He’s actually pretty logical even if he’s kinda… moist.

Kablooey more like it!

The issue ends with an awesome blast! It’s so awesome of what Dr Horrible did and Captain Hammer, oh man you could see how reckless he is, having no disregard for the public when he wants to hurt any villain. So thus, Dr Horrible and Moist escapes! Yaaaaay. It’s totally something to go with the DVD or maybe future collector’s item or something.

The magazine has the whole lead figurine warning!

Which leads to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel) first figurine collection #1! It totally had the warning of it being lead based and that you should wash your hands after handling it. I wanted to just buy Buffy cause Angel is broody but the guys at the comic shop told me that I needed to buy Angel because they are a set! And yeah, it’s kinda sad if Buffy doesn’t have an Angel so I’ll get him next week or something.

Back of the mag!

I was thinking that this was such an old season photo of the group that it’s so aww. It doesn’t have Faith nor Angel though and then I remembered that Angel will probably be with Cordelia and his own crew for the other figurine collection. Faith is a bonus character to the cast of BtVS anyway since she’s always been the “outsider”. The pose with Riley reminds me of the latest issue of season 8. So awwwww.

Animated Buffy cast!

Okay inside the magazine/guidebook thing was pretty much trivia and info on the whole series including the comics! Nothing that I didn’t know much if you’ve read the internets and all. However, they did included sketches and extra interview info on the Buffy animated series! (Hint: You can find one episode on youtube, it’s pretty punny.)

Pretty much a summary of BtVS and their other things besides the TV series. I didn’t know everything but I knew the stuff they referred to since this mag had more in depth detail on why the animated series wasn’t carried out and where season 8 will go etc, etc.

Figurine is from season 3's episode of BtVS.

There’s a spread about the figurine included. It’s from season 3! If you have the dvd or check an episode… ahem… somewhere, you can see it in the opening. It’s from that fight scene where the villain asks her and I’m paraphrasing here, “What’s left then?” and she replies “Me!” and shoves the sword pointed at her back to him and goes fighty insane. Or I could be mixing up my season enders but I doubt so since this is the season where she goes as “Anne”.

Okay, I’m wrapping up this post and after freaking out on how to open the box, using a plastic bag to handle the figurine and then replacing it back, wiping the plastic with sterilizing alcohol including my hands, I give you a 360 view of it! This is also especially for Arrch who does mini figurine painting and might appreciate the handpainted craftwork here!

Logo on top of the box.While still in the box.Front.Her left.Back.Her right.From the top!

I didn’t take a picture of the bottom because hey, I won’t let you know what serial number I got, heh. So that’s it for this week’s episode of Reaction Shots! Till next shipment!

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