Minor interlude of things

Tomas the transformer

Firstly, yeah. I have no idea what is going with this. It’s a Thomas the tank engine transformer. Secondly, they typoed Thomas to Tomas. Just wanted to post that up because it’s just so weird.

ANYWAY! A minor interlude. I’ve been posting events because they’re faster than my book reviews! I got a stack load of books from the Singapore Writers Festival the other month and yes… It’s quite a lot. I’ll post them book by book in December. That’s after Nanowrimo anyway.

The stack of books include:

  • Howl
  • Biophilia Omnibus
  • Proper Care of Foxes
  • Rochee the friendly roach
  • Morris Takes a Chance

And uh, whatever books I forgot to list down but is in my stack to go through. So there! Also I’ll be premiering a new series called Tower. It’ll be pretty much a weekly online webcomic without the comic. I can’t draw that well but I can write! Heh, more info on that once I get the prologue and stuff up. What I can say is that, it’ll be a pretty fun online series…