SDS 1.4 – Throwing Stones

A not too extreme adventure this time. The cast (or rather crew) of Sarah Does Singapore heads off to Kallang Leisure Park! That included Jo, Raven, Avariel, Mintea and bonus guest star, her sister, Hopeily! Well, it was Kallang for starters anyway.

We chose Kallang because it’s REALLY quiet… Well, relatively compared to Marina Square. Rates are cheap too, $3.80 a game on non-peak hours while $4.30 on peak hours while shoes were $1.10 in rental. Since it was semi “ulu” because of the horridly lack of MRT station there (the Stadium station opens in April though!), we had to take the bus from Kallang MRT and wait for 18 minutes at the bus interchange because we missed it when it was coming straight at us on the small road.

Should have stood in front of it, darn it.

Anywho, stupidly, all of us didn’t have cash. We had Visa/Nets so it was good. For one thing, my home MRT station… ALL of the ATMs were temporarily out of service and there wasn’t any except a cash deposit machine at Kallang. When we reached the leisure park, there wasn’t any POSB ATMs either! So it was really, really stupid. We had plastic, no cash. Thank fully, it wasn’t a big deal since we still could pay for our games.

Since we had to walk in the freaking hot sun (we stopped one bus stop away from the stated bus stop cause we weren’t actually sure WHICH stop it was), we decided to have 2 games instead of 1 and if we played 3 games, we’d be too tired or something.

We are crap bowlers. It was fun though! We played with the settings on the screen. There was a mode where it was disco so every time we got some pins in, there was a dancing lady on screen.

So we danced along with her.

Um, yeah.

ANYWHO, for the second game, we switched to Fairy Tale mode, it was fun and we realized that if you bowled a 100, you’d get a funky animation. We strove for that 100.

YAY! Animation fun! We liked seeing the characters do their thing. Anywho, eventually all of us hit strikes in either of the 2 games we played so yay! Then we had no idea where to go and that we still needed some proper cash (we had change though and some dollars, but that’s not enough!) to get some food. Kallang was totally not gonna be it, so we figured Suntec since there’s definitely POSB ATMs there and that Hopeily needed to try out the archery range there.

When we got out the leisure park, we got hit with this and got really, really distracted. The news that evening informed us that the hunks were actually SG Calendar guys! No wonder the hotness and heh, the charity was for women’s health and there was a health screening in the mall too. We didn’t really care or even know what the charity was when we were there though, we just though that DARN OUR LACK OF CARS! We’re totally public transport girls so gaaaaaaaaah.

Very, very distracting.

OKAY, we managed to pry ourselves away from the car park to head to the bus stop and stop at Suntec. The archery range was crowded since it was Sunday and the people from the church had just finished their sermons and stuff. (They usually use the auditorium in the building there.) THUS, we headed to eat lunch first and yes, we managed to get our cash this time.

It was a lot of pasta. Finally, after food the range cleared out a bit except for one enthusiastic boy who seemed to buy the 30 minutes free for all package which was pretty much unlimited arrows but a time limit of 30 minutes. The rest of us went with a game or two instead since $5 = 12 arrows. Since we were 6 people, Avariel needed to finish her shooter card, the rest of us split also in getting a 6 games shooter cards instead.


Just note that it’s cheaper to get a card with 6 games when you’re with a group or are totally gonna go there again than buy single games on its own. That one is like a bubble tea card cause the shop people will stamp on it. The more expensive one would be the plastic card and probably worth it if you go there every day or something.

This was Jo’s first time at the range in Suntec so the lady at the shop gave a little tutorial on how to use it (she VERY much remembered the rest of us though). The reason we brought Hopeily too was that she was an archery girl so yay for her getting to do it again, so no tutorials needed for her! Meanwhile, I just waited for the rest to do shoot cause we took up the rest of the ranges hahahaha!

Oh and somehow Avariel broke a bow. Not BREAK break it but it broke into pieces where the joints were so the staff had to refix the bow and restring it again. What hijinks we get to indeed.

I played 2 games which meant 24 shots… Which accounts for the massive influx of arrows stuck on the target. Just got one proper bullseye though! But yay! So that was the end of our adventure. Sorta. We went window shopping but that’s the end of our active adventure!

I still have some games left for archery on my card.

That needs to be taken care of.

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