Happiness at the End of the World!!

YEAH, YEAH! Finally! Our book is in stores! Or rather, I finally saw it in Kinokuniya Orchard with Mintea! It’s Happiness at the End of the World (HatEotW)! Amusingly, if you want to read our previous 2007 anthology, “So You Think You Can Write A Novel?”, it’s there too.

Don’t know what HatEotW is about? It’s a science fiction anthology of 8 short stories (by 8 writers) based around the theme of the end of the world!

Except that it has happy endings because we wanted something not depressing when you look at the local shelf here. (The writers in the book do write other things with semi-depressing endings if you like but just for this book, we wanted happiness!)

Even if we were given the same theme (yes, I’m one of the writers in the book!), all of the stories vary from each other and we noticed that amongst those who bought the book during the book launch last year, everyone had a different favourite story out of the lot.

As for So You Think You Can Write A Novel?, it’s not a self help book but more an anthology of 18 stories by 18 writers of different genres and said stories are from their own novels. BUT ENOUGH ON THAT, let’s focus on the latest book first!

Oh, here’s a book trailer if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s simple but to the point.

Okay, so it’s there. In between books about expats and such. Amusing because the stories are definitely about a different world anyway. Since Kino Orchard has stocks on the books, the other branches should have it too but if not, just ask them to order it for you! I don’t know about Popular or Borders and other stores. They are suppose to stock it too but they’re usually slower than Kino when stocking new books anyway.

Oh, it’s $19.26 since GST included.

CHEAT CODE HINT: If you want to buy the book at just $18, you can order from the publisher’s site, Two Trees and pay via Paypal. Works for those not in Singapore too! We haven’t listed on Amazon yet but it’ll be on there much, much later. Oh and if you order online, shipping is included! Wooo.

Spread the news! The books are out now.

Ps. At the end of the book… There’s a bonus sneak preview of a science fiction futuristic novel set in Singapore. Watch out for that one around the middle of the year!

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  1. Congrats! Hey, wonder if you can email me a blurb of the book (how about the book cover)? And perhaps an excerpt of your story? I’ll blog about it and also point people to the library’s copy.

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