SDS 1.10 – Being Green

Yet again, you can see the weather progression with the pictures from the start of the parade to the end since it was like last year’s. Of course because of last year, I was prepared just in case and brought an umbrella and plastic bags to cover my camera and stuff.

I went off close to the river, the one that’s pretty much Clarke Quay/Boat Quay. Well, near the bridge there and headed down, the second last of the parade line were my friends there while the ones at the end were the band with bagpipes and everything!

The guys had kilts! Wooh! The ones with bagpipes that is. That’s cool, I don’t think I remembered them wearing those last year or if I did, I would have gone, “Arrgh, raaaaain! Run away, run awaay!”.

Anywho, Borders is having a promotion until the 17th for Irish authors and stuff while I was verily amused with the bottled water they were giving out to those in the parade.

Parade starts at 3.30pm. Guess when the rain started?

So off everyone goes off and the band starts playing in the rain!

And everyone else watches the parade go by and follow behind the band since they’re the last of the whole line. It was just drizzling a bit then but it got a bit heavier eventually.

Took the other route since I knew the end location was the OUB building space at Raffles anyway so I got to take a picture of this. Really, really rainy.

And it’s pretty crowded… Got a space in the middle of it all for performers to perform though and all. The sound system were starting to die though, probably cause of the rain since the audio got wonky and died for one of the performances.

Still, lots of people indeed watched and came for this parade! Kinda useless trying to take pictures though because droplets of rain was blown in and my lens got wet.

Meanwhile, it felt shorter than last year, the whole performances and all thing but oh well, it was raining. The street party was at Molly Malone’s which was just a short walk away but ehh, the rain so people hung out a bit until they were wanting to head there. It’s not that far but as you can see, a lot of people! And that’s it for Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “SDS 1.10 – Being Green”

  1. Yes, wet it was. Although men in kilts need not fear rain so much as wind. Ahem. Soggy bagpipes are not a nice sound so lucky you got them before they sounded like dying puppies.

  2. We had a ball there this year. I’ve worked nearby the route, but this is the first time I took time off an attended. Zipped over to a couple of Irish Bars on 8th and 9th too. Great fun and (thankfully) great weather!

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