It wasn’t a crying game

I won tickets to 30 Lessons Of A Producer: The Gospel According To Nik Powell. Considering I got the email on Sunday, other people who were interested in this were busy on Monday and couldn’t come. It really was a good talk though!

The session was to be on 7.30pm, 8th March at the National Museum. Easy to know who’s going it cause there’s a certain type of person who goes to talks like these. Also pretty much the people going there were asking their friends if they’ll think this will be interesting or not. Heh.

Reception was after the session but there’s a lot of people attending this talk! It’s a closed session by the way since it’s not open to public. Lalala, registered and got in.

The last time I was in this auditorium was a talk about Pixar and animation! This is before everyone else got in and yes, the place was pretty packed!

Let me copy paste a brief description of this session from the email I got!

Nik Powell, producer of such classic films as The Company of Wolves, Mona Lisa and The Crying Game, will be in Singapore in March and sharing the ups and downs of the life of a film producer in a special session at the National Museum, organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies, Chapman University Singapore and the British Council.

So yes! The whole talk was informative and naturally I won’t tell you what all the 30 lessons are. I will instead tell you which ones that I liked most! Nik was pretty engaging and funny the whole time too as he taught them to us and screened various clips to show what some of the things meant. ANYWAY, here’s some of the points that I liked.

Indeed, so in the end his talk also pretty much related to what I’m doing literary-wise in the publishing front and on the writing front too.

This is pretty meaningful. He buys films and knows what films are good for which market and also produces them etc. The point above, it also works with books! Well, it works in a way that they definitely might have something else to do so why should they read your book or story? Keep it engaging or with bits that makes them want to read more.

Soon enough it was the end of the talk. Educational, funny and unboring. The lessons are indeed useful if you ever want to be a producer or, if you do take bits and pieces there, heh it is like how you’d want to be if you were gonna produce… a book!

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