SDS 1.12 – Les Poissons

The weather was a bit unpredictable yet by the time we waited for everyone to arrive at Khatib MRT station, the rain had stopped. So hurrah! The players for that afternoon were Mintea, Avariel and Raven Silvers. I had been meaning to go to Bottle Tree Park ever since I kept seeing their url from within the train. Really, their sign is in one of the best locations for people to see since if you’re in the train, you can see this from the window!


Yes, this is what we did. On with the show!

It was a 10 minute walk from the station. That included us cam-whoring and stuff so it’ll probably be faster if you just walked there without pausing every now and then taking random pictures and dodging bicycles or whatever.

One of the first things we saw when we got inside. There’s also the large pond thing which you could see from the first picture when you over look the whole area too.

Our mission for getting there in the first place: TO PRAWN! For those who can read Chinese, note the pun. For those who can’t read (like me, since I was informed by my friend) that it says come back again but the pun involves it being a prawn… Ok nevermind, explaining puns is saaad. ANYWHO, it’s $14.50 for one hour. You can check their rates on their website anyway.

When people asked what my adventure was for the week, I told them I was going prawning and they all paused for a few seconds wondering what I meant. You know, to fish is going fishing so to prawn is going prawning?

So anywho, we got our bait thankfully Avariel has gone prawning before since her sister taught her how to do it. She prawns at the farm near Pasir Ris area, that one you need a car or some taxi to get to. Anyway, she showed us how to put the bait onto our hooks and to make sure our floaties uh, float. If they dip down, a prawn might be nibbling at your bait!

So we pretty much sat around talking about Pokemon and how easy it was to catch stuff in the game than in real life. It was in the midst of taking pictures that I felt a tug and then all of us went all “OMGOMGOMGOMG” because it’s the first one (and only one) that I caught.

Avariel helped unhook the prawn for me because we were all “AAAH! AAAH! WHAT DO WE DO NOW?!” since it was flinging around and stuff on the line. First though, she broke the claw off, I DIDN’T KNOW PRAWNS HAD CLAWS. And then she put it into the basket thingy that was near the water. Mind you, if you do this, do NOT let your prawn free for it won’t be able to defend itself? So what you catch, eat it!

Eventually, our hour was up and we caught a prawn each (minus 1). I’ll let you read everyone else’s blogs to figure out who didn’t catch it! BWUAHAHAHA. But anyway yeah, there’s a sink there to wash the prawns and a mini grill so you could cook it! The only confusing thing was that THE STAFF KEPT SPEAKING CHINESE TO US! I mean, they’re the uncle-y older sort so ok, luckily Avariel could sorta understand what he was saying cause Raven couldn’t much and Mintea and I had no clue either.

I mean, sure normal conversations we could possibly understand but we don’t really know much about prawning conversations. So we got to eat our catch! We kinda stood around holding it up like lollipops but not, cause they’re freaking prawns and they were too hot to peel off yet.

Meanwhile, the place actually has a Ladies’ Night on Thursday evenings! A 1 for 1 deal if you’re a lady and bringing another lady along. I don’t know the whole dating scene would be like at a pond though when everyone wants to catch prawns to eat. I guess you could always do the whole “Oh MY, I HAVE CAUGHT A PRAWN. However do I unhook it?” and do this repeatedly like 10 times or something with every prawn you catch.

Still, I DID think of a situation where it goes like this:

You: Hey, it’s Thursday and it’s ladies’ night. Wanna go with me some place fun?

Some lady friend: Cool! I’ma show up!


Lady friend in super bling clubbing gear holds a prawning pole while sitting on the chair with a “I can’t believe this” look on her face with you sitting next to her.


THAT WOULD BE SO INTERESTING IF IT HAPPENED. But anywho back to reality. Other people there caught more prawns than us and thus, we’re just kinda lame at prawning or it’s just our luck. Still, freshly grilled prawns are very woah! Woah in the sense of delicious and drippy.

Since we travelled all the way to the park, we checked out the place. It’s pretty big actually but slightly quiet since it had been a rainy day.

Besides prawning, there was actually sport fishing. There was also something about practicing catch and release there too but oh well, if you’re doing this, THERE IS NO GRILL FOR YOU. Bring some cooler box or something if you’re wanting to go fishing for the day there.

Alright, so we rounded to the other side of the park. As we went up the hill, we saw this. Heh, heh, what ever could it be?

It’s a paintball range! I couldn’t take pictures of the obstacle course because we were hanging in front of the main entrance and one of the staff of Red Dynasty saw us lurking about and handed us flyers. He did a little intro and ha, obviously we didn’t go all, “LA! WE ARE MERE DAMSELS! SUCH WEAPONRY IS BEYOND OUR KNOWLEDGE!”.

Because that would be silly.

And I doubt we’d say that anyway.

Since there’s only like 4 of us and a minimum of 6 to play a game (besides the fact that we weren’t suited up for one), we took the shooting range package which was $10 for 30 balls each. We got a bit more than 30 though cause the staff guy said we were girls. Not in a condescending way but more of a “You look new here” kind of way and we were interested in bring others here as we… loudly commented. I think he might have put in more than 30 cause he might have miscounted or something when he loaded the hopper with the balls.

BUT WHATEVER, all the more to us!

What we did notice was this gun (or if you’re a paintball snob, you would call this a marker) shoots differently than the one at the Singapore Discovery Centre. For one thing, the balls shoot in a projectile curved way. Like how you bat a ball away while the SDC’s Crossfire paintball gun has a more impactful air loaded marker which shoots straight. Thus, it’s just a bit less painful here and we checked the prices. It’s cheaper. So up to you which you’d like. I’d like BOTH actually! They have their own plus points!

Shots done, we said good bye to them and told them we’d come another time…

With more people.


Ps. We’d want the Darth Vader package if it’s still around then if you check out the website.

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