Lion Dash 2014! Aka the end of Tampines Bike Park

Up and downhill

8 June 2014. That’s the last day of operations for Tampines Bike Park.

That’s also the date of my first Lion Dash. After Lion Dash, the place is closed for it’s going to be redeveloped into houses.

Kinda sad though because there are so many freaking buildings in Tampines that it’s getting very claustrophobic there and wow, this bike park is actually very nice?

There was also an area where the extreme sports competition for mountain biking was held before and I could see people biking up and down the slopes, enjoying them before it would be closed forever.

I don’t know where else in Singapore you’d have an outdoor arena like that.

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Beware of Tall Grass

There was a hike proposed of @Hai_Ren on twitter to check out The Green Corridor which is pretty much a railroad track of sorts for the weekend and I signed up along with 2 of the crew. The cast of this episode includes @Hai_Ren as the group organizer, @deafknee, @wilfredphua, @irukafishy, Raven Silvers and Avariel. The weather was sunny as we went off in the morning!

Apparently the Nature Society of Singapore was going on a hike too but they would be from another side of the tracks, heh.
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SDS 2.5 – Song for Singapore

Hello everyone! Today is Singapore’s National Day! So instead, I shall leave you with our episode at the istana! Yes! Where the president works! The istana holds days for open houses and the day before National Day is one of them! You can usually check their website to see the dates for when you can visit them. So yes, this time we went to the istana open house!

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SDS 1.17 – In the Sun

After threatening rain from the previous few days, we decided to heck it and just get on with the picnic. This time, the weather didn’t cheat our feelings. Yessss. Picnickers included: Raven Silvers, Mintea, Joelyn Alexandra and Avariel. Thus, we headed off to the Marina Barrage! Considering there’s still construction going on, we couldn’t just walk there from the Marina Bay MRT station and had to take a bus.

You have to walk a bit to find the bus stop though.

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SDS 1.12 – Les Poissons

The weather was a bit unpredictable yet by the time we waited for everyone to arrive at Khatib MRT station, the rain had stopped. So hurrah! The players for that afternoon were Mintea, Avariel and Raven Silvers. I had been meaning to go to Bottle Tree Park ever since I kept seeing their url from within the train. Really, their sign is in one of the best locations for people to see since if you’re in the train, you can see this from the window!


Yes, this is what we did. On with the show!

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SDS 1.3 – Welcome to the Jungle

Past the urban jungle of Singapore, lies nature (relatively) untouched. There, our adventure crew for the weekend headed into Bukit Timah nature reserve for their guided walk by the park volunteers! It happens every 3rd Saturday of the month and it’s totally free, unless you’re in a large class group or something then you’d have to pay for the excursion. Meanwhile, this episode’s co-stars include: Joelyn Alexandra, Raven Silvers and Avariel. (Mintea guest stars in the later part of this post.)

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