SDS 1.24 – Young Folks

The main opening ceremony was on the 19th but the major events were on the next day at SCAPE. Yes, the new building for the youth activities and what not. Across the road where youth park was, there was a DJ showdown and also a flee market.

First up though, it was a fairly warm day so we ( Raven Silvers and Avariel – the rest of the Adventure Crew were in Malacca or elsewhere) had a pitstop at Once Upon a Milk Shake. Yay!

In fact, the whole building had tons of dessert and sugary shops. Bubble tea, frozen yogurts, ice cream etc. Really, really sweet and cold which is nice.

Since we were early and whatnot, we checked out the arcade. It’s Zone X there by the way and we were playing some game which was billiards bowling. That’s another one thing we’re NOT good at! Billiards. Or billiard bowling, whatever.

We did a lot of gutters. It was fun though! For now, if you can get some above hundred something score, you can get a free cup/towel/etc depending on stocks. We only reached… 38 points.

Randomly, on the previous day, we had a Hershey’s Kiss in a dance off where some pop and lockers were dancing in front of The Cocoa Trees (yay! the store sells very nice milk candy that I like).

Ok so we went up the building. There’s Old School in the upper floors and some rooms were still being in construction or having furniture brought in on the other side of the place. On a higher storey, there was some cosplay ball thing preparing for the evening.

Speaking of balls, these guys were the style ballers. Trick ball playing, the emcee at the end said that these guys were good with their balls and we were going “Hur, hur” at the pun.

Previously at that spot (was that after? I can’t remember) was a little Postbox performance. Their music is really nice!

After that  we went out again, heh heh. There were some performances and people were hanging about or registering at the booths for the mass dance later on or getting free goodie bags from Starhub if they showed that they were a subscriber by showing the logo on their phones.

Soon the new media ambassadors were introduced to the people and you got to see their talents or videos they made for the competition. One of them showed her talent by doing an impromptu dance which was pretty cool.

Yes, there were lots of people there since there were bands and such lined up at night.

The sun set and there were the whole reveal of who were going to win the competition. Meanwhile before that, there were performances by uh By2 and street performers here and there. I am bad with names so I didn’t really remember who won. Nonetheless there was a nice speech/video of Evelyn, the lady in charge of SCAPE that I definitely remembered. There was a progress video thing where you go to see how it was built up and now tada it is this!

Nearly 8pm and the winners are announced and whatnot. It was time for the mass dance so yesss.

Lovely ending and then I flee-ed. Hahah. Still, it was a pretty cool day. One of these days you could pretend you’re in a high school musical or bollywood movie when people dance simultaneously around you.

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