SDS 2.23 – Party People

We had the kick off party in episode 17. This time is the Thank Goodness It’s Over party at the Earshot Cafe over at The Arts House.

And we had food catered! Ok, this post is not going to have too much words considering the pictures say what it is.

The windows of the Arts House had Little Mermaid silhouettes for some reason.

And the cake! Yes. We like to get the cakes that people usually won’t order and be punny about it. Heh.

And this is the Valerie cup! It’s the traditional prize for whoever has the most number of words and is at the party to collect it. Yeah. For every cup, we had to put a typo in it yearly. HEH, see if you can spot it since for Nano, you can’t edit it out until December hits!

Besides the Valerie cup, we gave out prizes for having the biggest slice of cake, the online end the sentences competition, prizes for quizzes, prizes for just being there and whatnot! We just like giving them out.

So this is Singapore’s Nanowrimo 2010 people who came to the TGIO party! Well, you can’t exactly see it but there’s more people to the sides since we can’t fit it all in this picture. Thus, it was a fun time with all talking about the books and writing after it all. Yes. We have a lot of people for the SG region. We’ll see how it goes next year when it’ll be Singapore Writers Festival! The kick-off should be around then too.

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