And you can vote for N.E. Mation!

Yes, the other time I went to check them out was when they were still doing their productions. Now they are done. Voting is up for N.E. Mation 5! Just head on to to watch the 10 animated videos and vote for them! There are 3 ways to vote too. Via their website, their facebook and with your phone. Just head on to the facebook or website to find out how to vote using SMS too.

Anyway, you might win a prize for voting! The prizes include an ipad, an X-box 360 and an ixus Canon camera.

So go on and vote! What is le sad is that this time you won’t see the shorts on TV Mobile since TV MOBILE DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE!

I’ve watched it since it started out in the first year and now… Wow. Well, you can see it for yourself. You have to vote for three though! It’s a requirement so that students from the same school won’t spam all their votes to support their school without voting for others.

I won’t say which ones I’m voting for but good grief. Imagine all the effort the students went through to do them. I like to support those who did ton loads of stuff. Those who like to overkill and heck others. BWUAHAHAHAH.

Go forth and spread the link since the students SHOULD have their stuff viewed after all that effort in making them. It would be a shame if they didn’t since it’s now more online and not on TV mobile for people to watch. Well, the ad for it is on TV but not as much exposure as last time when on buses. In other words, super wasted right? Doing production for 3 weeks non stop and before that weeks of preparation to pitch and get through to be the finalists etc. It’s sooo freaking sad if they don’t get as many people to watch it as possible!

Right, so go and voteeee at! It ends on 6 February so be sure to do it now!

Erasing who? Erasing David!

A little message! Since Tiramisue wants to let you guys know about this screening of Erasing David! There’s only ONE screening and that’s this Friday, 28 January at 8pm at Sinema.

What’s this movie about?

David Bond lives in one of the most intrusive surveillance states in the world. He decides to find out how much private companies and the government know about him by putting himself under surveillance and attempting to disappear – a decision that changes his life forever.

It’s a documentary but it’s one that will make you freak out how easy it is to be tracked and how information could be used for evil the wrong purposes even if you think it’s just nothing. So catch it since you won’t be able to get to watch this here.

Unless you got a DVD of it or something but this is an indie production, so you won’t be able to get it that easily.

Book online at or just buy the tickets there before the show!

In which we did it for SCIENCE!

CSI: The Experience Singapore will end on the 20th February 2011 at the Science Centre thus we decided to bust in there like investigators and the Nancy Drews were are! Also, for an adult it costs $20 but if you did a package where you get to go to the main Science Centre, it’s $21. I urge you to buy that one. MEANWHILE, we paid $16.80 each! HAH! There’s discounts if you’re a Passion Card member AND if you are a Starhub mobile subscriber.

So no pictures allowed in the main area but before that, you can have a picture taken with your friends. It’s $15 a piece and $20 for 2 if I remember right. I remembered there were six of us and we paid just $10 each anyway cause it looked really good as if you were a cast member of the CSI series. Meanwhile, the area is quite small and HAH! We managed to finish all three cases and ONE bonus one by noon before the crowd came in.

Case 4 is based on a real crime scene in Singapore. You solve it on your own to submit your answers online. Your ticket is your agent number so don’t lose your ticket if you want to join the competition for case 4!

Also if you’ve ever played Phoenix Wright on the NDS, it’s like that. Only in real life. Might I add, the place is really small? Cool but small.

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Pompeii – A life in a Roman town 79CE

This isn’t a Sarah Does Singapore adventure. This is a Random Encounter. Which wasn’t really random at all… BUT, this is not part of the SDS series! No matter, the Adventure Crew went to the Pompeii exhibit! It’s here until 23 January at the National Museum. Free for students as always and $12 for us who had to pay.

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Sarah Does Singapore – Season 2 Finale

That makes 50 episodes of Sarah Does Singapore, not including the season finales! And so, let’s do the Playlist for season 2. Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Also, for you guys to know where the song titles come from, they’re here in the playlist and the description of each of the episodes!

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